Mar 4 2010Epic LEGO Star Wars Lightsaber Battle

This is a very well made LEGO stop motion video that features your recommended daily allowance of not only plastic, but also lightsaber battles (a full 120%). You're gonna grow up strong and healthy after all! And to think your mom was convinced you were gonna be a runt! (She still is, don't tell her I told you).


Thanks to Nabii, meeotch, mike469x and David B., who all take Geekologie ocularly to get their daily dosage of awesome.

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Reader Comments

I take my Geekologie in a form of a suppository.... just sayin


Bad fucking ass

@1 - that's not a suppository that's the GW stickin you in the butt.

@2 - are you a fucking retard?

@3 - Agreed.


A new record. So close to first

@5 no one cares shut up

This was very bad ass!!

Oh, and @ 4 & 6 - Agreed


Impressive...most impressive. Jedi quality for sure!

the force is strong in this movie maker.=P

Totally made me want to play the game!!

Awesome. Very nice. I would have edited it a little tighter myself, though.

F1RST! because i said 'first' first!

Force Unleashed needed more tribal tattoos and cocaine.



I have highly contagous herpies. By commenting next to me you now have them too.

Sharing is caring :)

But.. Stormtrooper blaster-fire is red. A red lightsabre is typically assigned to the Sith. Why would he kill his own troops? ;-)

Apart from that, it's pretty fuckin' badass.

@12 yeah ok, but still. impressive.

Obviously fake, there's no caucasiancolored lego-heads! This reminds me of that movie "Never Back Down" where...

tell me that wasn't epic! star wars+lego+awesome!

=awesome is what I meant to put.

Absolutely stunning.

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