Mar 4 2010WANT: The World's Most Confusing Bookbag


This bookbag is so full of win the only way it could be any more so is if it came stuffed with airplane bottles. Or liquor-filled juiceboxes, if you're underage.


....Wait, what?


Thanks to Julian, who wears one on each arm and is the coolest kid at school.

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Reader Comments

Nice more like all fail.

and awesome!


LMFAO!!! most epic thing ive seen in 2010 so far

didn't you already post this ??

i used to have a cheap fake 'the simsons' t shirt when i was a kid

Funny, Sonic always struck me more Libertarian. Nobody tells him what to do, be it pay taxes or that he can't have an abortioni. HE'S A POLITICAL MAVERICK. (Also, surprisingly, a white supremicist. I know, he's not even white, much less human, go figure.)

i'm wonderin' what those other bags hanging on the wall say..

This made me laugh for 5 minutes, I want one. The colors are all wrong too. What the hell is it advertising? The best things in the world? This is full of awesome.

If I ever had occasion to use a bookbag, I'd get one.

@ 6

Knuckles is a black supremicist....just saying.

BTW: Epic bag's made of pleather.

Ahh, Sonic is one of the 'ancient' character in the world of gamers. Awesome...

Where have I seen this before?

Found it!

Gotta love the Asian knockoffs

Purple Man United shirts FTW

Was someone just tripping on acid and scrolling through the last twenty or so years of pop culture history? Seriously, what the hell is this thing? Is it a friend or foe?

Must have, lol, epic backpack win.

Why are you always so immensely slow on news, GW?

i was thinking it was made in Mexico

vivaa Mexicoo!!

this is so last month

I'll stick wit my knuckles & gore man purse thx

i saw this like 6 months ago. now i wish i had sent it in.

My first thoughts were, this must be from China, only they could combine Harry Potter, Obama and a Sonic the Hedgehog knock off into one item.

"wears one on each arm and is the coolest kid at school." <-- lol

Looks like something you;d find on Forham Road in one of those little "We have everything stores." Everyone from the Bronx knows what I'm talking about.

Judging from the pic, that's what it looks like.

I knew I had seen this in one of the sites. But yeah, sorry, it must be somewhere in Asia, in Mexico we fuck up the entire design, we make it look like a sarape, you know, with all those squared colorful designs, because 9 out of 10 times, they are home made, unless you buy it at a good store, in which case, you would never find this kind of thing.

I'd say the tulips are the crowning glory, really. :-)

If I had this back in the day, maybe I wouldn't of been picked on in school.

I kind of figured this is one of those deals where asians enjoy english typography even if they don't know what it says... (Like we enjoy kanji)... So someone just put a bunch of "pop culture" words on the backpack?

Noice, did anyone else notice that the 'Harry Potter' is also in almost the exact same font and colour as a Mars bar? Obviously a prospiring bag maker and an acid junkies lovechild.

What's with the #10 on Sonic's stomach? Did he get a NASCAR sponsorship or something? I'm suprised I don't see Crane Cams and Good Year stamped across his ass too.

oh damn! i wants it!!!

@ 33 i'd like to think it stands for a 10/10 rating for awesome.


cheap chinese textiles, obviously...ha! ha! ha! x 10

Somehow, for some reason, a badge of the Challenger Space Shuttle mission would have completed the deal. Benign city.

grab the paper towels - it looks like Sonic soiled himself too!

where could i get one like this?
anywhere online?
i desperately want one. i'm serious.
please help, anyone

the 10 in the body of sonic is for Ben 10 ... a cartoon from cartoon network... and the bag its from Chile

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