Mar 15 2010Cuuuuute!: LEGO Dinosaur Skeleton


Brazilian LEGOlier Mauricio Vollu went and made this impressive dino skeleton entirely out of LEGO blocks. It's not the first LEGO dino we've ever seen, but it is the boniest. And speaking of which -- did I ever tell you I know the girl with the world's pointiest elbows? I mean those things are POINTY. Just sayin', you ever seen a bra-less witch on a winter's night? You have?! Jesus, that must have been something.

Dead meat [thelivingbrick]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who once built a human skeleton out of LEGO bricks but his neighbor called the cops because it looked too real.

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(beats out the firstards.) I WANT ONE!

Well that is very cool. I didn't know you could get those pointy finger pieces in Lego. I guess they've gone all fancy-pants now with specialised parts for making things like monsters and dinos.




@2 - I was thinking the same thing. They didn't have them shits when I played with Lego®.

wicked cool fucking ace lego rocks it keeps your mind moving

The super awesome!

Pretty good, but my mother beats me when I play with lego. And when I don't. I am being beaten right now.

nathan loves geekologie

I've seen these at Ross and they are hard to fucking make.
I had one too but they kept breaking and I just ended up gluing the thing.
Other than that, the dino is pretty cool

GW I have a question for you. What if robots took over Earth...But they were robot dinosaurs. How would you feel about this?

@ 16,17



That looks like it will get the job done

@18 you forgot @13.

hehehe..... dino boner..... just sayin

@20 you forgot @17

Oops sorry I meant: 9, 10 & 12

Bill Hicks was right.....


I worry when GW doesnt put up anything new for a while...can he be in a gutter somewhere strung out on heroine?

@26 right now, he's probably riding that "white horse" to LA.... although he should probably be there by now.... just sayin

I want more news on the GW roadtrip! Dark stormy nights, wrong turns, farmer's daughters, Bate's motel, whatevr u'v got GW! Sing along now!

Fear and loathing
Anal probing
Chicks disrobing
Ears dis-lobing

Abducted by Space Aliens...

he is on the wat to L.A....

Abducted by Illegal Aliens...

Is that GW's truck???

@29 I think they were just costumes.....

@30 I don't think so..... I think GW is on the other side of the "fight against drugs".... just sayin

GW has forsaken us! No updates today! Where is our fill of mirth?

I will protest this act of non-love from GW by posting repeatedly in this thread. This thread will be our last stand.

i am with MilkMan


{: (

We are sorry to say but the Geekologie Writer sadly passed away last night at 3am from heart complication, it is the families decision that you respect their privacy in the current times, thank you on behalf of Geekologie (Jonathon K Richards) family. gotta be kidding hell no man fuck no!!!


Fuck no man i want facts i dont believe this i been his fan for so long FUCK NO!!!!

@34 nice try.... not the right name
@35 phony! this guy's a great big phony!!!

This is for guys can light off of mine...

No way I aint lighting of your nikkuh, your hands been up your moms you know what you get me blud? that discusting

thats really horrible of you Closet Turd to say suck a fing about a fellow nikkuh!!!!!!

Goodbye Geekologie
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They set you on the treadmill
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And it seems to me you lived your life
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Never knowing who to cling to
When the rain set in
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But I was just a kid
Your candle burned out long before
Your legend ever did
Loneliness was tough
The toughest role you ever played
Hollywood created a superstar
And pain was the price you paid
Even when you died
Oh the press still hounded you
All the papers had to say
Was that GW was found in the nude
[repeat chorus]
Goodbye Geek-ologie
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More than just our Geek-ologie writer
[repeat chorus]

@39 I see school let out early today......just sayin


made me cry man fuckk...that was amazing, RIP GW its been confirmed, he died cause he had heart problems...RIP take care of Tupac and B I G up there..

@42 No if GW dies, its gonna because he couldn't resist the urge to sodomize a raptor..... he moved out to L.A. just so he could be closer to the La Brea Tar Pits...... just sayin

shut up 43 you f0cking fagg0t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what the hell is going on in here.... man thats the last time i pair peyote with crack.....

goodbye GW.... it was a good run you had....

so what does GW stand for anyways??

Geekologie writer?

GW really is dead, the story is on the superficial.


@46 - George Walker. That was his name.

@46 Omg kill yourself xD

@44 what the hell is wrong with you? Chill the fuck out dude...

@51 its another FAKE naas.... just sayin

@51 thats just Naas he always like that...

@53 that s not the real naas.... i can tell the difference

obviously, dudes needs a good rimming, I think my dog may offer...oh, no she just farted, i guess that's a no.

I like dogs you f0king retards, f0ck GW now anyway he was getting boring lately, i hope some next new fagg0t doesnt take over...STOMPY POMPEY stop being a joker you always like that you know you love me...!!!

ahhh yes, it reminds me of the day when i provoked everyone to post as Naas.... i think he was slightly flattered and scared at the same time that so many people had the same thoughts as he did......

and besides, anyone who still references a ghost like me (been out of the loop for 3 months now) really must be the same nutlicker, mother raper, brother fucker, monkey lover, dino hater, robot empathiser (chill i can't spel), bacon hater, dildo wearin, balls haven't droppin (yet), slime ball, whorhall, blue ball, frued sniffin, gay boy loving, deoderant needin, spasiod, glue stick smellin of a bitch....


He's dead...nuff said

The GW has not passed! He just checked in with me and his mom a few minutes ago. He got held up at some fellers house where he bunked up overnight. Apparently he was drugged and...well..."forced to perform a sexual dance, while wearing tube socks and a Boba Fett helmet."

Sounded terrible, and I hate to repeat it. But I recon I ought to straighten everyone out and clear up the rumors that he is dead. Ya' ask me though, I would have chosen death over dancing in some stupid helmet with my loose parts hanging.

Well Gotta get back to my whittlin. Bye now.

Dead.....just sayin

Lmao... Thanks pops.


are you serious?? that was his name, that is my cousins name!
one that i never talk to and started crying like a little beeeyatch when we were younger when i loan his copy of Mike Tysons punchout to a neighbor.

i wonder if it is the same guy.

probably just a common name.


i will be missing you :'-(

GW has gone missing :(

yeah... I got GW riiiiight here

He wrecked the U-Haul, but he's back in business.

total win. now make me a fuctioning lego airship that I can sit in and sip gin and tonic.

Lego is definately very interactive but I never thought people would use it for time travel to a time where dino babies existed :)

@58 NICE

@58 NICE

Its cute and amazing.My kids will love this.How much will its cost and where can i get it soon ?

In this vast 278-piece set from LEGO, there’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the loose and it’s up to a team of macho paleontologists to apprehend the prehistoric beasts before he can terrorize the modern world any further.

Lego is a Danish toy company that got its beginnings in the 1930's. Originally, and still, based in Denmark, the brand has been acclaimed worldwide for its line of construction toys.

LEGO toys are very popular to all kids around the world.

Fun Town is the largest of nine themed areas in the LEGOLAND California amusement park.

Duplo Castle series consists of only three sets but these include such exciting things as a fire breathing dragon and a knight on a horse.

Build a roaring and walking dino creature that has a glow-in-the-dark spine!

DINO Attack is a toy line made by LEGO and aimed at 6-12 year-olds.

LEGO introduced its latest entries in the Creator series at Toy Fair. These use the same pieces and some of the sensors, gears and motors from the Mindstorms set, but don't require an engineering degree to put together or any software skill to operate. Details on the crane, crocodile, and a photo gallery after the jump...

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