Mar 31 2010Chart Of Various Sci-Fi Franchise Geeks


This is a little chart comparing the followers of various Sci-Fi franchises. But this is only a part of it because the chart also includes Firefly, Avatar and LOST fans, so click THIS BADASS PINK TEXT to see the whole thing. Well? Ever been spanked with a plastic lightsaber before? Because I haven't -- that shit was real. F***ed my buttcheeks all up.

Sci-Fi Superfan Reference Manual [Mad Atoms]

Thanks to cocoa, who may or may not have stuck a C-3PO action figure in my keester when I was sleeping (she didn't, I was only pretending to be assleep).

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There is a moniker for Star Wars fans....they are called "fags"...surprising eh?

I heard somewhere that Star Wars fans were called...Warriors.

I might have just dreamed that though.

Everyone knows Star Wars sex role playing would involve a gold bikini...

@3 I think 'fags' still echoes in your head from your childhood days & that's not surprising.... eh?


I had no idea that fans of Firefly/Serenity had a name! I honestly can say I meet all the criteria for a Browncoat.

Needs moar Doctor Who.

@5 that is exactly what i was gonna say


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back down where Max goes to a club called The Closet, and meets a robot. He speaks German to get the robot to agree to go home with him, and later the golden shower shorts out the robot's electrronics and Max gets in a lot of trouble.

So #3, you're a Star Wars fan then...

Never was into star wars.

Star Wars wins.

SUCK IT Trekkies!

What about us farscape lovers?

Oh, and those pathetic Star Gate fan boys.....


I think this chart is missing quite a bit!

[oh, and who can forget Blues Clues, and TJ Hooker?]

@ 9 - Me too. Love Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane.

@ 8 - Really? Every Firefly/Serenity fan has a t-shirt that says either "Browncoat" or "Define Interesting."

@ 5 - I was just thinking "What about the bikini?"

The Star Wars Sex Roll Playing is way way off. I mean, come on, the princess leia gold bikini is more widely used in sex than condoms!

Avatar is for idiots who don't want to admit they liked Pocahontas. They don't deserve to be in a list like this.

No X-Files? Seriously?

I really feel the need to X-File this up:

Moniker: X-Philes
They Like Their Sci-Fi: Riddled with unresolved sexual tension
Proudest Moment: The first X-Files movie
Lamest Moment: The second X-Files movie
When Fandom Goes Too Far: Petitioning FOX for a third X-Files movie
If You Marry One, Expect: To only call each other by your last name
How To Piss One Off: Claim that John Doggett was your favorite character
Sex Role Playing Will Involve: 7 Years of Not Having Sex

I laughed so much just a sec ago. Everything above is good except Lost, why is it even there? Greedo shoots first and "engage", perfect. LOL!

go star trek!


The author of this chart has a category for "Sex Role Playing Will Involve" and makes no mention of a Slave Leia bikini outfit? That line was so obvious it should have written itself.


@9 & 16. I agree, needs Doctor Who.

Yeah, 'cos jokes about sci-fi nerds are hi-larious.

'Avatard' was claimed by fans of the The Last Airbender show years before the Avatar movie even came out.

Also, JC's Avatar isn't a franchise, it's a single movie, it doesn't really belong on the list.

StarWars fans are called "Warsie" by most... <.<

engage!! fun stuff

That Star Trek girl is seriously not that hot, also she's airbrushed to shit. I totally wouldn't do her more than once.

I'm gonna have to say Terminator (minus 3; it didn't exist) is my sci-fi of choice.

um, ILM folk call them, "Lucasians." you heard it here, first.


Wash (pilot): "This landing is gonna get pretty interesting."

Mal (captain): "Define interesting."

Wash (pilot): "Oh God. Oh God. We're all gonna die?"

Mal (captain): "This is the captain. We have a little problem with our entry sequence so we may experience some slight turbulence and then.. explode."

LMFAO! Funniest sci-fi movie moment in a long time.

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