Mar 9 2010Bones!: Awesome UV-Light Sensitive Tattoo


I've known UV light tattoos have existed for awhile, but I've never seen such good use of the idea until Matty posted this picture on Geekologie's Facebook page. So yeah, props to whoever this is having them go all the way to the fingernail, I'd figure that would hurt. Of course, I said the same thing about jumping in front of a bus to save an old lady group of elementary schoolchildren on a field-trip chaperoned by nuns. And kittens -- did I mention the kittens? Yeah, there was a whole basketful of really cute ones.

Geekologie's Facebook Page (join, it'll be just like we're childhood friends!)

Thanks to Matty, who's considering a UV tattoo because he knows his mom would kill him if got a visible one.

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Reader Comments

Omg! That's sick! Literally... sick... eww



Give this guy some E, some glow sticks, smoke a fatty, and enjoy the show.....

damn... NOT first.

it would be great if that dumbass girl with all the stars tattooed on her face got a big ole penis tattooed on her forehead with the ultraviolet "accident" of course...

Fuck yes that would hurt going down your finger! Take a few percocet and let the man work I guess? (and by few I mean like a handful)

oooooooooooooold. i think this site needs some new/extra people to get cool info because posting something this old is an insult.

Pfft. I don't need to be told to join the FaceBook Fan Page. I already did loooong before. Proves I'm cooler than most. Yep yep.

@8 Then start sending in submissions that aren't so old.
Just like most of my fellow Americans.... people complain about the way things are, yet they don't do anything about it.... just sayin

I'll send in a pic of mine. It's not one that you find just by googling UV tattoo.

@10. i'll have you know i've sent cool stuff in and they never fucking use it

@12 Then i guess it just wasn't really as cool as you thought it was.
I've had almost a dozen things posted that i've sent in.... just sayin

@12 then cry about it...just sayin

That is soo OLD!

@13. so then your to blame for these old posts lol

@17 haha nope.
I saw this on GW's facebook page weeks ago.
The stuff i send in is usually at least new to me, like the Porn USB stick, the doobie bday candles, and other stuff, but i can't think of other submissions of mine that have been posted

Wow, this is like years and years old!

@16 foles, nice

@18. new sure, but those are pretty weak posts themselves. that it. im now on a mission to bring some posts to geek

Hey really super :)

@21 But not as week as yours obviously.... because mine got posted and yours didn't... just sayin

yeah well i've had over 40 submissions posted because i am the geekapotamus and i ahve the power to kill other animals including crocodiles and some species of birds

@23 at least 21 can spell weak... just sayin.

@16 Wicked awesome!!!
Don't they fade after a while?
I so want!

Awesome! That's better than my friend's UV tattoo. She's a stripper and she has angel wings tattooed on her back in UV ink so they show when she's at work.

@21. or the GW just likes a lot of lame stuff like your posts.
and @23 hahaha nice

Those bones are totally anatomically incorrect. The radius and ulna would look twisted from that angle. Science fail.

@29 I think you're missing the point...

I think it's cool, even if it is old. I've never seen it before.

Is the ink dangerous? I mean all tattoo ink is dangerous unless it's in the little spheres,besides the risk of infection and looking stupid for the rest of your life, but is it MORE dangerous?

Funny, I've done the same tattoo before

literally exactly the same a while ago....

really really old, but still awesome

UVs wear down more over time than norm ink

I dunno what's going on, but I've seen the UV bones tattoos for YEARS.... GW is really starting slip in his old age!

Hey GW Ive been planning on getting a uv reactive tatt of the tron circuitry from their light suits down my arm to read "game over" on my knuckles... I feel like that's a bit more kickass radical

i like muffins.

Recently, quite a few pro athletes were said to appear on the interracial club ~~~ BlackwhiteCupid . c o m ~~~OMG!!! Are these famous guys fond of internet dating for now?? Maybe they feel boring sometimes to need new things

I've had mine for two years now. It still glow brightly, and under regular light it's nearly invisible unless you know exactly where to look. It fades like any other tattoo, so I'll probably get it touched up in a few years.

Crazy Chamelion ink is the one I used.

UV tattoo's actually give you skin cancer.
my tattoo artist was very adamant about never getting one due to a few of his buddies getting cancer from them

God damn this is old news.

Yeah, soo old. It sucks though cause my tattoo artist said UV tattoos are poisonous. I don't party that much anyway. I just wanted a triforce on my hand that was invisible in most places, like at work.

I don't know what's funnier - that GW is posting fairly old and really non-geeky crap like this, or that one of the posters actually thinks submitting fairly old and really non-geeky crap like this is some kind of accomplishment.
"YES!! I got another one got posted! I can't wait to tell my imaginary friends!"

Ah, take a look at what's written on that site. They say it doesn't cause cancer or any harm whatsoever, and it's fda approved. Now I don't know what to believe.

Holy shit! That is so cool!! I want one but mine will be the Terminator endoskeleton. Hell yeah battle chassis! I can't be bargained with or reasoned with and I will never ever stop until Sarah Conor is dead or at least as long as they keep making sequels. ;)

Even though it's old news, it's still pretty cool to look at. Still, this is sort of old tec now that we've got those LED tattoos out. I think those will blow this away.

Boo.... old..... booo..... disappointed...

This is pretty rad. People calling it old...I think you need to get a life!

The next step is to have your face inked with a UV light tatoo of a skull. Now THAT would be wild. Think of the reaction when you go clubbing. ; >

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