Feb 13 2010Uh, Honey?!: Checking Card Tracks Spending


Want to keep better track of your spending and don't know how to use your bank's website? Well you're in luck, thanks to the conceptual Live Checking Card. Actually, I guess you're not, CAUSE IT'S CONCEPTUAL.

The Live Checking Card represent a very interesting concept - it displays the accumulated spending amount on your card after every purchase. Clearly, the concept itself is nothing short of a nightmare for wives and girlfriends as it displays real time information of their shopping adventures. The underlying technology behind Live Checking Cards is e-ink, which checks your purchase history and matches them up with the bank account transactions using RFID.

I actually think this is a great idea. Except instead of just adding your accumulated totals it should give you a running balance of your account. Which, for me, is currently -$240.64. Just sayin', sugar daddy. Ladies?

Live Checking Cards: Watch Your Bills, Honey! [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Van, who doesn't need a conceptual check card cause he has real one. Lucky.

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MAN! i hate being first!

Neat, it's pretty clever.

Wouldn't this clue in potential thieves to weather you are loaded? "Hm this dude has spent $4000 today, maybe I should follow him and then steal his card."


It should also show your share of the national debt.

This will never be picked up the credit companies; as it discourages spending. However, imagine carring a Mint.com card like this...wait do you have smart phone? Then you already do.

wow this is what i need to stop these darn overdrafts

wow this is what i need to stop these darn overdrafts

It's RFID though. Enjoy having your info stolen.

I think its a good idea and its not actualy communicating with your bank account so what important information is there to be stolen?

Yep. Again

I love this idea!!! Now our bank balances & maybe even sort codes can get intercepted easily by some dumbfuck teenagers using basic technology.

"Your encryption is primitive Egyptian. I'll do more with a 486 and a plextor..."

I like how they snuck the 42 in there. Very incognito, I must say.

"I love this idea!!! Now our bank balances & maybe even sort codes can get intercepted easily by some dumbfuck teenagers using basic technology."

Just have all the history stored on the card and updated with each use, it doesn't have to be wireless, you could simply get a little slot thing for your pc to update it from.

A card that goes up to $ 999.999.999,- is not really my kind of card. I would be very depressed seeing the number only take up a fifth of the space.

Wives and girlfriends? You may think you're being funny but that is some seriously stupid misogynistic bullshit! FYI, few women are shopping addicts (a serious medical condition) hiding their spending from their partners. And I happen to know quite a few men who are or close to it (though somehow they seem less judged when they're spending on games, gadgets, gambling or alcohol). This is not a gender issue and to make it one is to promote a misogynistic stereotype for a few laughs. Well, I'm not laughing.

In any case, I make plenty of money to enjoy some it without it being assumed that I and my fellow females are all running to our husbands for an allowance like a little kid or some crap like that.

Apologies for blaming you for the quote. Came here from another site actually that seemed to quote this one and haven't had my morning coffee yet.

But I still think the title is off and the misogynism should have been called out.


If it's technology or internet related, Geekologie will cover it. Plus, we even hired an actual geek to manage the site. He lives at his computer, doesn't shower, and has probably never touched a girl. Actually none of that is true, but I'm sure he's really happy that's what we're telling people.

>> assumed that I and my fellow females are all running to our husbands for an allowance like a little kid or some crap like that.

Please. Everyone knows that women are not capable of bringing home the bacon. The truth is the fairer sex relies of the strength and intelligence of men. The real problem is that we are no longer allowed to speak rationally about this subject. Its not considered PC. The good news is that we don't have to speak aloud about these truths. You can't change the facts just by ignoring them.

Perhaps after another forty years, mankind will have become forward thinking enough to re-realize the woman's place in society. Perhaps one day, men will not feel pressured to downplay the truth to protect their women from bruised egos and hurt feelings.

I am not uncivilized, I don't think that women are purely baby and blow-job machines. You do important, worthwhile work, like shopping, preparing dinner, cleaning the house and raising the children (who are hopefully healthy boys.) I also believe that women have a vital role to play in the workplace as well. Don't be afraid to tell your little girls that they can grow up to be nurses, secretaries, seamstresses, and teachers.
See? Things aren't so bad, cheer up girl! Turn that frown upside down and go give your boyfriend a BJ for valentines day.

>>Please. Everyone knows that women are not capable of bringing home the bacon.

You're just mad because every woman you know makes more money than you.
Oh, and you have a small penis. BAM. Cry all you want, bleat about MAN STRENGTH AND SMART GRR ARGH BACON TO CAVE, but at the end of the day, we all know the truth...you. Have. A. Really.

Small. Penis.

Sorry :( Maybe you can get surgery!


It is obvious that you feel frustrated. Personal attacks? Luckily, I am not going to stoop to your level. It is never easy to speak the truth, and harder still to hear it. You are so entrenched in the feminist mindset, but you want to be free. I believe that your lashing out is only a symptom of the turmoil within you - between the truth and the lies you have been fed for so long. The only thing I can do for you is pray for you, pray and hope.

Also, go Saints!

Conceptual is where this little idea will stay.
Credit card companies would prefer their customers not pay attention to the amount they are spending each day.
Someone saying "holy shit, I just spent $1,0420,080 today!" might prevent that customer from spending a total of $1,390.568 that day if their card didn't display that info.

Credit card companies show empathy for your well being as long as you can pay your bill.

I do work in collections at a rather large credit card company.
and no we don't care if you can't squeeze blood from a turnip...
we don't give cards to vegetables.

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WTF, more than 1 millon dollar spending. and $320,000 in a single purchase.

What does he buy ? houses ? aircrafts ?

@ 16

GW is probably one of the more sensitive bloggers out there so please stop picking on him, so you might want to refrain from commenting when you are on the rag...

@ 19

I'm pretty sure blatant misogyny will not change her mind about how she feels about this site.......just saying.

I already now how much money I ain't got.

I wonder if it does negative numbers? :D

Pretty soon it will be connected to twitter feeds and celebs will be bragging on how much they spend.

This will be helpful to keep the things tight under your belts. We often have faced these kind of difficulties when our spending gets over budget and ultimately fall short of the cash.

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