Feb 16 2010Sweet-Ass Augmented Reality Dragon Tattoo

Want a badass dragon tattoo but worried what your mom will think? Fear not, because now you can get a square instead, and, when you video-chat your special lady-friend on the interwebs, BOOM, IT'S A FLYING DRAGON! You are so hardcore! Of course, not as hardcore as I am because I just had one of those little winged-lizards implanted under my skin. He was in my arm, but I can feel him crawling around in chest now which, oh God -- oh God *chest bursts* ALIIIIIIEEEEEEN!! Kidding, kidding, winged-lizard.

Augmented Reality Tattoo turns your body into virtual art [dvice]

Thanks to mchl, who has a real dragon tattoo that flaps its wings when he flexes. Now that's cool.

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Reader Comments

Why not jiggly boobs or something?

that's crazy man!

Something? Anything!


kind of lame...

*sorry* not lame, very lame.

check out my site!!!

This is dumb. I know he did it for a company, but it just seems like a waste.

Why is this on here.... lamest post in a long time.

This is the definition of WIN.


Fucking stupid! For one, lame tattoo. Secondly, Was that dragon animated in 1994 or something? Looks like Q2 engine to me! Geekologie writer, wtf dude? Who cares? This is like an augmented asshole, not augmented reality!

pretty damn bad

it's probably not fair to say that that is the shitest thing i have ever seen, but i will anyway.

that is the shitest thing i have ever seen.

Really ugly tattoo

That animation isnt really worth having a crappy square on your arm,
Also does the nearest wing disappear when the wings go down?

we understand the every company has a unique requirment when it comes to web site designing.

Mushroom Tea = Augmented Reality
............... just sayin

Ok, so talking to lady-friend on Interwebs with a 'badass' dragon on your arm.... move onto meeting up with lady friend who not only turns out to be MAN FIEND who wants some ass but also very unimpressded by crappy square...

Water my ass! Get GW some pepto bismol!

Fail anyone? Yes, FAIL!

Thee tattoo ight be extremely lame but that man has a glorious moustache.

Nice art... want to have that also.
But I guess my mom wont mind about it.

really. that's crazy man!

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