Feb 9 2010Star Trek: The Sexed Generation

This is an older compilation of Star Trek clips that, out of context, sound incredibly sexual. Actually, in context they sound super sexual too. Yay, freaky space-sex. RED ROCKET RED ROCKET!

This is an expansion of a short set of clips that Gene Roddenberry had put together after the second season, that set was just about 2 minutes and mostly bloopers, but the few suggestive shots were enough to make me wonder what a full version would look like, so enjoy!

Oh man, that was hot. Granted not as hot as my laptop's heat exhaust, but I'm tryin' to cook my meat. Which, medium-rare -- anybody?


Thanks to Jacob and oysterboy, who can only communicate in the language of love. You should've read their tips, I swooned!

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Reader Comments

I wanna dip my balls in it!
.... just sayin

DATA take me !!!!!!

Long live the robots.

I've seen this so many times already, and never thought of posting a link to GW.

Sorry, I delayed the LOL.

That is the wrong port sir

That's what she said.

don't purtend you weren't grossed out by seeing a doggie penis all red and raw. captain disgusting!

Is this your idea of sex!?!?!? BAWK BAWK!!!!

this ruled.

quite simply the best video on geekologie in a looooong time. also, I'm drunk. ladies?

Wasn't even remotely funny.

lame....as anything star treky

It was a bit slow in the beginning, but it was pretty funny.
I was cracking up at around 4:19

What would Picard do?

all kind of color of Mbt shoes to be chosen, maybe Mbt sport black of Mbt Sportcatalog will please you.

funniest thing I've seen in quite a while!

Brilliant. Now we need the Stargate version. Come on.. I'm sure all of you have dreamt of Samantha Carter plugging in your hard drive into her usb port?

medium rare wrapped in bacon please

Did everyone notice Terri Hatcher a few seconds in ?

Before she had her teeth done.

medium rare wrapped in bacon please


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