Feb 18 2010ShadyURL Creates, Well, Shady URLs


ShadyURL is a simple website. You go, enter another website's URL, and, just like magic (it might actually BE magic), it creates a highly questionable URL that links to the same site. It's really a great way to get fired or put on a government watch list if that's what you're shooting for. Me? I'm shooting for that laughing dog in Duck Hunt. LIKE YOU COULD DO ANY BETTER, JERK. No kibble for you.


Thanks to Clinton, who's too good to actually send tips and posts them on Geekologie's Facebook wall instead. *poke*

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NSFW wait, care bears?

week ass must be slow news day

I wasted so much ammo on that stupid dog.







Ha ha check this one out... funny


I hate you.

i knew from ollie the link was going to be a set up, but i could never had imagined that....

agreement with OP with my discuss @8

@7 I had a feeling I wouldn't be able to access the link at work......
"This Websense category is filtered: Potentially Damaging Content. Sites in this category may pose a security threat to network resources or private information, and are blocked by your organization."

Sex on toast ?

Whenever I even just "scroll" past that post about being kicked in the nuts, my balls start to hurt, and I feel nauseated..... just sayin

@13 Agreed.



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