Feb 26 2010Robin William Talking About Gaming And Naming His Daughter After Princess Zelda PLUS VERY, VERY SPECIAL BONUS!!

NOTE: Video AFTER THE JUMP is NSFW due to thong. I told you it was a special bonus -- AND I DON'T LIE!

This is a video of Robin Williams on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' talking about getting "OWNED" by 10 year-olds playing Call of Duty and naming his daughter after Princess Zelda. Respect (I loved you in Mrs. Doubtfire!). And, since it's Friday (and I feel kinda bad about the Lara Croft thing), I included a video of a girl in a thong crushing a watermelon between her thighs that I found on the same site after watching the Robin Williams video. The sound alone was enough to give me the chills. Just like fingernails on a chalkboard, except a woman crushing a melon with her hooha.

Hit it for the watermelon crushing fright-fest.

Robin Williams talks about getting owned in Call of Duty [noob]
Classy lady crushes a watermelon using her thighs [noob]

Thanks to Gerbos, who

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Reader Comments


Wow.. holy shit old. This was Thanksgiving.

Special bonus O_O

If she can do that with a watermelon, imagine what she could do with Robin Williams' annoying face.

Wow you guys are harsh!

Holy exploding watermelon thong man!

Somewhere out there on the innerwebs, someone with a watermelon fetish has fallen in love.

It's funny because those are the same jokes he toured with. Before I saw him live I added his facebook group and this was on there like...yeah thanksgiving. Maybe I should of sent it to you.

dear god I want that woman.

holy holy holy crap that was hot.

A waste of perfectly good food.

black man's dream

GW, Thank you so much for that. U have redemed yourself from that last post.

that chick is burlygross

god damn!!

Oh my god that is so Hott!! Did you see the size of those watermelons. Not to mention that attractive pacman watermelon at the end. Who else loves Fruit.

Wow... Robin Williams who?

That must be the most popular video on the internet, it took 10 minutes to load up a 1 minute video!

I am definitely in love... shame I love performing oral and she will undoubtedly crush my skull during climax.

I'm in love! I have never wanted to be a melon more than now.

This chick is scary!

no reason for high-heels really

how the hell did she find out she could do this?!?!

Robin Williams anoyed me.
The girl with the melon...umm...she was...nice. She made me feel funny.

Not sure why people are so critical. Robin Wiliams just redeemed himself to me for the past decade. (He has only sucked for the past 10 years or so, anyone who says otherwise is probably just too young to know the real Robin Williams. Like those people who think Jackie Chan is only known for Disney Movies and Chris Tucker buddy comedies.) Toys, Mrs. Doubtfire, Good Will Hunting, Aladin, The Birdcage, Jumanji, Hook, and the absolutely stunning Awakenings are all untouchable classics.

I want to see 70's coke fueled Robin playing CoD.

My respect toward Robin went from good guy to HE'S OVER NIN THOUSAND!!!!!

Zelda is named after Legend of Zelda, what is Cody named after? Final Fight?

Oh and I wish I was that watermelon. Before it popped, I mean.

Thank alot

John- True story. Birdcage was gold. And Jackie Chan's older movies were like mother's milk to me.

@24 Yeah, I was thinking Final Fight/SF Alpha Cody as well. I really can't think of any other Codys.

@26 Who Am I = best movie ever. Just had to mention it. :D

I want that girl to dress up like Chun Li and break my neck with her thighs.


Wasn't that woman a Bond villain?

Holy shit! It's Gallagher's life partner!

Video not found.


she crushed her her last Boyfriends penis/pevic bones during orgasm

Funny, Zelda's my favorite game and I want to name a daughter after her too. I've been saying that for years, but seem unable to conceive. Oh well =P

@33 That should be a sign...

Actually, GW, Robin and his wife had promised their son that he could name the Baby...and when she was born he declared her to be Zelda Williams. Robin said that if htey ever had any more kids, he would probably not let the kids name it.

Oh, hell ya!

Fuck Robin Williams. No I shouldn't even capatalize his name. robin williams. THERE take that, your impersonations make my brain curdle.

I also read a rad interview with Robin Wiilliams here: http://howtobeatstagefright.com/Williams.html

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