Feb 15 2010Quality Merchandising: Iron Man 2 Operation


Remember playing Operation growing up? Yeah, it gave me heart murmurs, especially when I'd just replaced the 'D' batteries. BZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!. Anyway, this is a new version, cleverly branded with Iron Man. Nice, but I'm passing. You see, I don't play Operation anymore, only Doctor. You down? Okay cool, turn your head and cough.

"Just Make Sure You Don't Touch the Sid-" *ZAP* [gizmodo]

Thanks to emerica, who could never get the butterfly in the stomach. Curse that thing.

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Reader Comments

this is kinda kewl but why does he look so awkward?

not first! score


i'll play gynocologist with you GW. lol uhh. Ironman is the only robot i'd let hit it.

Moichandising! Where the real money from the crappy sequel is made!

I'm wondering why they are spraying steam at his butt...

I don't see a spot to pump out all the alcohol

Well, at least it's not like the Spiderman one that had Costume Wedgie as one of the ailments...

Did they intend to make it look like he's getting gang raped by robots? With the way he's being restrained and the object of the game, it's more like a Hostel sequel than anything.


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