Feb 9 2010Print Them Out!: Star Wars Valentine's Cards


This is a little gallery of Star Wars Valentines created by freelance illustrator James Stowe. He made one for each episode of Star Wars, so there are six in total. I particularly liked this one and the Han Solo/Greedo one, but they're all pretty cute. Per the artist himself:

I wanted to show you some valentines I made for my son's kindergarden class this year. He likes old Peanuts comicstrips and Star Wars... so these are kind of a mix of both.

Oh man, these bring back memories. I remember in Mrs. Cox's third grade class we each took a paper lunch bag and decorated them with hearts and cupids and then taped them to the front of our desks to accept Valentines. I didn't get any. Not a single one -- not even from the teacher. And that, my friends, is why I'm a serial killer.

Hit the jump for the other five and another link to James' website.






Star War Valentines 2010 [jamesstowe]

Thanks to sham and James himself, whose bags ripped they got so many Valentines. I hate you.

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Reader Comments

If only I had a female to give one of these to.


LOL>> so cute and awsome. Im so gonna get em.

Long live the robots.

Greedo: "Waaaaa-neeeeeeeee"

Asperflux, when is that gonna get old? You need to find a new schtick. At least the recently deceased Daisy would put something new everytime with the same old theme.

@5: I think that's enough Family Guy Star Wars references. It's bad enough we had a Carlos Spicyweiner running around here not too long ago.

lol cute!

Cue George Lucas wielding a lightsaber hitting this guy with a C&D order in 5. . . 4. . . 3. . .

I prefer the one's he did last year. No I'm not a fan... I just went back on his blog archive to V Day last year

@7 Its NEVER enough!!!!!!!!!


Oh man, I'm totally printing these out as we speak.


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Where's the card with Leia "sharing the love" with Han.

What is Chewie doing to that ewok?

The Wookie/Ewok one made me smile. Even though I hate goddam Ewoks. How did teddy bears beat Space Nazis? Humans had trouble beating regular Nazis.

Screw a C&D from Lucas, I keep seeing my boy Charlie Brown through these... Are the anti-VD ones more true to the characters???

@17 "anti-VD"?
anti-Venerial Disease?
oooooh anti-Valentine's Day, Gotcha!

Be sure to check out last February's cards!

Starts here: http://jamesstowe.blogspot.com/2009/02/kids-valentines-1-chewie.html

Where the fuck is Leia? None of these are what you'd give to a nerd chick you want to bang. I don't want to be "friends" on Valentines Day. I wanna fuck! I don't care if they were written for kids!

@18 I thought of the very same as you! VD? what no way Huh! read again yeah that what is says Vd

ooh wait yeah right valintines day

Um Wait. Isn't there any valentine's card that can be made out of star wars that is heterosexual? I mean really?

@22 Something about twincest?

Where's Oola? Leia? Uhm, Mon Mothma?;-) Oh, Mara Jade?

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there's usually one kid who steals valentines from other kids brownbags, ya know. that's how there's always one girl who ends up with twice the class-size in # of hearts. she's the one who ends up married to the serial killer.

I just might get these, of course I would just send them to myself......what?! It's not like anyone else is going to send them to me.....

Chewy & Ewok Card!!

My dick smells like moisturiser.

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