Feb 28 2010Not The Worst Thing I've Heard: Dork Anthem

This is a song called 'The Dork Anthem' by two cats named Dave and Brian. Personally, I find the term dork offensive, but that's just me and I'm official the judge of these things. Geek, sure, but dork? That's derogatory. Like not calling me by my proper title: Geekologie Writer, The Handsome Well Endowed.


Thanks to Rusco, who throws geek parties all the time and sleeps with lots of women. Unless he's married or has a girlfriend, in which case he doesn't. ;) (Your secret's safe me with me)

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Nice Sunday Post!!!...PS CANADA WINS GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I must say...geek > dork.

Agreed GW.. 'Nerd' and 'Geek' I am fine with, but 'Dork' has too many negative connotations.

D :


I love this song

Now GW, write me a true geek anthem.

Dork = donkey penis. Terrible word.

Geek is the preferred nomenclature... that being said THESE guys are defiantly dorks.

Way to sound like all the crappy alt punk bands out there...

better anthem, Weird Al's, White and Nerdy.

These guys are posers, jocks play Halo, real gamers don't.

dork is what marine biologists call a whale's penis
so dork is a derogatory statement

so thanks for yoiur share and i will be back to read it again.so nice

@9 Agreed


real gamers play whatever the fuck they want, including Halo.

They're takin' it back!

Dorks are people who are usually very stupid and/or quirky and with zero social life. Not to be confused with geeks.

Dorks won't be the boss of you someday, they're the nerds and geeks.

I thought Rush had the dork theme song covered with Tom Sawyer... (commence air drumming!)

OMG too many opinions! (head asplodes)

If you want to understand the differance between dorkm geek, dweeb and nerd, check this out http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j184/jinexile/social_order_venn.png?t=1220204938

I used to play D&D twice a week during college. This song is officially win.

▲ ▲

this...it...it brought tears to my eyes...it was like Beethoven! I only cry before i sleep but this...this made me cry!....

no kidding but seriously it was awesome.

I want some Jimmy Choo shoes.

Wait, what?

terrible......just terrible, 'Nerd' by Beefy is a much better anthem,

saying that it was dull and overtly creepy, so i suppose it was a dork anthem after all

I thought the video was o.k. but I would rather be called a geek than a dork any day.

BTW: What's up with the actors for the "preps"? They might have been dressed as preps with flipped collars, but when was the last time a prep sported a Robinson Crusoe beard?

As for what the different terms mean, it's quite simple :P

Geek = Measure of obsession and cult following.
Nerd = Measure of overall knowledge and intelligence
Dork = Measure of social activity

As being high on dork means low social skills, that's why people don't like being called it.

Awful... Bad song in general and not very convincing geek/dork lyrics...
Try MC Frontalot or MC Lars if you want some good geek tunes, for god's sake.

That was hilarious. Though I think dork and geek might just be diverging in terms of social perception where geek is now chique or something, casting the others into the marginalized zone.

What about "Hail to the Geek" by Deaf Pedestrians, thats a lot more fitting than this song, it was still pretty good though.

Oh, and it occured to me that any song that feels the need to proclaim itself an anthem by repeatedly using the words geek, nerd, or even dork in the lyrics is just sad. Definitely posing a bit for the geek chique style crap.

MC Chris's Fett's Vette is way more of a real geek song.

Very Nerf Herder-esk.

But good none the less.

I have that star trek shirt.

I've never commented before, but in my personal opinion, as someone who visits this site daily, I HATE this video. I think it was not only a waste of footage and space on your website, but it made me sick with it's fake overblown attitude, predictable lyrics, hackneyed cliches, AND BEER COMMERCIAL INSTRUMENTALS. I was literally on the floor vomiting for half an hour. I even watched the entire video in some blind hope that it would have a redeeming quality. it did not. By the time the video ended I was hemorrhaging from my brain to my anus.

Screw This Video. I love you, man-who-chooses-what-to-post. You are a king, but this was and is a piece of crap choice. You've made my potential future children cry and beg to be let back on their holo-game systems

Well, I liked it.


OH FFS this such a fucking stereotype this song is just insulting...

Trite. Same jokes have been made in much better music and with a much higher concentration of humor and originality. See: Weird Al's "White and Nerdy," and anything by MC Frontalot, other songs already mentioned in the comment.

Also, does it trouble anyone else that "dorks" seem to define themselves entirely by which worldwide-distributed intellectual property they like best? And how much of the merchandise they are willing to purchase and show off in their rooms? This is bothering me more and more.

Your value and credibility are defined by your ability to create and originate, not your dedication to consumption.

Ok reply to this if : You downloaded this, Rated it five stars, and is your theme song.

wow, that cheerleader chick and looks like my bf's ex. she didn't even know who Darth Vader is, infidel! and her bf looks like this chick's bf. prick as well. this clip is sooooo accurate :D

Isn't DORK a whale's penis?

these guys really werent trying to be "offencive" or whatever. they're great guys and write some pretty funny songs. Really? just get over it. Wimps

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