Feb 10 2010Norwegian Scuba Steve And Accomplice Chase Google Street View Car


A pair of Norwegian jackasses in full SCUBA regalia sat in lawn chairs waiting for the Google Street View van to go by and gave chase when it did. This is one of the resulting images, but you can go up and down the street to see them lying sitting in wait as well as a couple more of the hot pursuit. Now, how the hell does everybody know when the Google Street View van is going by? Because I didn't when they did my neighborhood. Sure they still caught me floundering conducting hydrodynamic experiments in a kiddy pool by the garage, but I'm a scientist and that's everyday shit for me.

Google Maps
Angry Norwegians in scuba gear chase after Google Street View car [boingboing]

Thanks to Uncle_FUJ, Peekaboo!, Stephen, Patrick, Tracy and Model Airplane Glue, who only chase dreams. Besides Model Airplane Glue, he chases my brain.

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Flapjack get in here

For real, how do people know the van is coming? And is the van marked up with the word Google? Big cameras? Anyone ever seen it themselves?

i have. its glorious.
it has a thing sticking out on top and a bunch of cameras on top

I've also seen it, it's huuuge

@naas That's what she said.

I can see a movie being about the two stoners that get paid by google to drive around the world taking pictures of every damn street.

@Cinema Obsessed. According to norwegian newspapers they are friends with the guy who drove the google car, so they sat by the road for an hour waiting for the car because they obviously knew that their friend would be driving around their neighbourhood that day. I wish the street view car would visit my shitty little norwegian village :(

I didn't know when it was coming but when it hit my street my brother was outside in the front yard, shirtless, sitting on the edge of a dumpster. Classy!

Looks like the van interupted a game of 43 man squamish

It's times like these that makes me a proud norwegian. ALT FOR NORGE!

Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!

Not full scuba gear...but I do applaud the use of dry suits.

If you keep driving along there is a mirror on the right side of the road and you can see the street view car!

these guys are geniuses.

@12 Nice catch. (PUN FTW)

Not full gear by any means. No BCD, regulators or tanks. Which by the way is the SCUBA part of SCUBA. Y'know... self-contained underwater breathing apparatus? Exposure suits, masks and snorkels, a scuba diver they do not make.

Besides, you can also tell the first guy/girl's dry suit isn't even zipped up.


Here is a picture of what one of the street cars looks like: http://www.wikinomics.com/blog/uploads/google_street_view_car_prius_gets_ticket.jpg

wut is the google maps link

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