Feb 23 2010No Computers In Class: Professor Freezes, Shatters Laptop With Liquid Nitrogen

This is a video of an OU physics professor freezing and shattering a laptop with liquid nitrogen to remind students not to bring them to class. It was pretty effective. Not as effective as the time Mr. Wizard shattered a giant bouncy ball with liquid nitrogen, but this guy isn't exactly Mr. Wizard. Also, the camera-phoner filming it didn't actually manage to get the shattering on video, so I'd gonna go ahead and suggest you fail them now. Geez, it's just light waves and shit -- you will never understand physics! On a side note, did you know I beat emulated versions of 'Ocarina of Time' AND 'Majora's Mask' on my laptop in class while I was getting my master's? Because I did. AND STILL GRADUATED WITH HONORS. Huh? No I didn't blow all my professors!!

Don't Bring Laptops to Class or Else [gizmodo]

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What a douche!

That's what the professor is using school resources for? That's you're tuition money, kids.

Fake Mr Wizard!!!
@ 3 - you suck

If that were my laptop i would walk up in front of the class and suplex his Harold Ramis looking ass all over the place.

What the hell kind of professor doesn't allow laptops? I was taking notes on laptops in every single one of my classes 8 years go. That's retarded.

@ GW, did you play any Monkey Island in class? If so, I want to hold your haa-aand.

Before people go all full retard, the laptop's fake, here's the article:

So unsafe. I wonder if all the students in the front row were wearing OSHA approved safety goggles? I doubt it. Major safety violation especially since he slammed it down so hard. And not to mention the particulate matter now floating around getting in peoples lungs and eyes!


Agree with @9.

This is one of the weakest posts ever seen on Geekologie. You should post some hot chicks making out but then not actually show it in the video.

@5 - for every kid taking notes there are two #6's playing monkey island and half the kids sitting behind #6 are staring at his screen. it's a classroom distraction and that's why some profs ban it. speaking of retarded though... people that can't take notes with a fucking piece of paper and a pencil.

I also agree with @12

My penis smells like chapstick..... just sayin

@13, are you working on your Master's too?


@14 If you mean "Master" bating.... then YES!!!!!!!!

@16, are you, by any chance, from Nantucket?

That professor better hope Lower Merion School District wasn't monitoring that laptop....... just sayin

@17 **i say with a grin, as i wipe off my chin**
Why yes, YES i am from Nantucket! How did you know?!

GW, you don't have to blow ALL your professors when getting your Masters. Only PhD students have to pass their orals.

@20 I think he only gave them "reach arounds".... just hypothesizing

Since when did Egon start teaching physics?

Watch the video again. The laptop isn't the point of the story.

@21, or "turn arounds" perhaps.

If they're nice they let you keep the penny. (Hey kid, here's a penny. Oops, dropped it. Mind picking it up for me?)

...and dont bring pens or pencils or paper to class either, or books... or clothes... and if you arent paying attention i'll dip your ass in liquid nitrogen.

wtf... why the eff would I care about this video when you don't even get to see the end results?! Not even a shot of the already smashed laptop on the floor? Weak.

Might as well go watch a movie and walk out 20 minutes before the end.


Yes, those kids are really feeling it since you can buy liquid nitrogen for about 50 cents a gallon. Oh noes! I'll let the teacher make the rules. He's probably been around long enough to know that most people who "take notes" on a laptop are just fucking around on Facebook anyway. Shock value gets the point across nicely.

What?!?! We don't get to see massive electronic carnage left lying on the floor? I guess you're not supposed to get out of your seat either.
Cinematographer: FAIL

Why post this if its not going to show the MF'er shattering? The genius that filmed this needs to placed in burlap bag and beaten with reeds!

Mr. Wizard is my PSN ID. I got it from The Matrix way back in 1999 and it has been my gamer tag ever since. I should point out im English and had no idea what it was until now. Let's just say I feel less cool.


Why do I think this is fake and gay? Any ideas?

He just hacked to mainframe!

Ok, so why aren't you allowed to bring a laptop in class?? this is retarded.

geez what a bitch

All you bitches complaining about the idea of not being able to use a laptop in class, STFU. Even in my classroom 4000 level courses there are always people dicking around on FB, youtube, or some flash game. In one 3 hour lecture hall class one kid was even playing WoW the whole time. Even when people *are* taking notes, I find the manic clicking of laptop keyboards to be irritating. But then I'm also a bit OCD and want to strangle people who shake their legs constantly or eat in class....

Doesn't matter if the laptop was fake or not, the point he was making is still retarded. In Japan, students are encouraged to bring laptops to class. Lets face it, it beats having to buy dozens of notebooks and lugging them around with other textbooks every year.

But I guess in some American universities, its frowned upon because the professors like to run their class like they are a monarch or have some celestial powers that you have to bow down to their will.


Is it me or does the prof. look like Egon Spengler?
(Ramis in his older fatter years)... .

If y'all seen the leprechaun say yiih.


If someone wants to waste time in a lecture browsing facebook let them.... they're only wasting their own money....

Have you ever gone back and calculated how much you actually pay for EACH individual class you take? When you do, you'll find that at some schools you are paying well over $100 to $300 PER CLASS!!!!!!

So when you skip a class, or just fuck around on your laptop, you just paid the school over $100 of your money for NOTHING..... just sayin

Actually, considering how badly LCD's, and harddrives handle fast temperature changes (expansion and all that), the liquid nitrogen alone would have cause CONSIDERABLE damage to the laptop, had it been a real one that is.

GW played his professors' ocarinas!

It's not even that you're wasting your own time and money if you sit on FB, you're being disrespectful to the instructor. How would you like to try and teach someone something while they just completely ignored you? Same with all the asshats who start packing up and making all sorts of noise while the instructor is still talking. Same oblivious, completely self-involved people who can't be bothered to use their turn signals, or turn on their effing headlights when it's pouring out.

Did anyone else want to punch out the shit-eating grin on that professor's face? He's got that mid 90s Bill Gates smug expression. KAPOW!

At my University it was required to have a laptop for every class. Most assignments were sent via email. Sounds weird (like why not just get your degree online), but it made more sense to have the professor there to explain and not everything was on the laptop. Just the syllabus, notes and homework were online.


I completely agree with @46 could not have been said any better

The professor seems like a douchebag.

What is wrong with laptops in class? it's a far more effective way to deal with taking notes than writing with a pencil, in speed, accuracy, and DISTRACTION from the material youre supposed to be learning.

I couldn't say how many times in lectures I missed something the prof was saying becuase I was trying to write down the LAST thing he said.

As far as people playing games in class, so fucking what? they're wasting their tuition, and if it's distracting other people how about you reach down and grab a sack and tell him to knock it off. Saying no laptops period because someone might play a game is retarded.

Here's a news flash, in the REAL WORLD after college, people will have laptops in every meeting you go to. Deal with it.

@6 That shit is the mad-notes.

@8 You sound like Ken Goldstein.

@11 Man, while monkey island is the second greatest point-click adventure of all time (Broken Sword being #1, unless of course any of you fine gentlepeople know better), I have to agree with you.

@30 Yeah, why does he call himself 'Mr. Wizard'? I always thought 'Neo' would be quicker, and he was in a hurry...

Yeah, I think that it's a fair point, because the people who are fucking around aren't just distracting themselves, but also anyone who is behind them. Trying to concentrate with a distraction in your face is like trying to concentrate with a distraction in your face. I rule the simile.

I guess ghosts that need busting are few and far between these days.

The great part? OU, and especially the Physics programs there, REQUIRE their students to buy laptops FOR school.

I play The Last Remnant during all of my classes. I checked my grades today, and all are 100%. If students are not challenged, and are bored due to that, I think it's perfectly acceptable to play video games throughout the class period.

My battle rank is 96, by the way :D

And yes, my laptop can easily handle TLR on medium-high with instant loading times!

Could be more careless? The dude is lucky he didn't freeze his dick off. Oh and way to miss the money shot dumbass with the camera.

I actually took some classes with this guy, he's really pretty cool. Remember that if its a physics class, most of the note taking is algebraic. Pretty difficult to do on a laptop. Not impossible, but yeah I think a pencil and notebook would suffice.

I am amazed that anyone thinks this is real. It's obviously a demonstration, he probably goes it the first time he has every class.

Wow, what an obnoxious asshole!

Students should be allowed to use their laptop computers it's a valuable tool. Those that chose to not pay attention in class will suffer the consequence. The students who're using their laptop to help with class work shouldn't be penalized for the wondering mind of a few!

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