Feb 26 2010New English Road Named After Lara Croft


Lara Croft (seen here) is best known for raiding tombs and being the relic hunting alter-ego of Angelina Jolie. And now, the town of her origin is honoring her with a road, Lara Croft Way. Hey, that's cool, but I've had a road named after me for years. GW Parkway, anybody? High-five, DC peeps!

The Tomb Raider babe, played by Angelina Jolie in movie adaptations of the hit games, was created by Derby-based Core Design in the mid-1990s.

Bosses at the city's council today announced their new £36million ring road will be called Lara Croft Way following a public vote.

Nearly 28,000 people took part in the online poll, and Lara Croft emerged the clear winner -- with 89 per cent of the vote.

Congratulations, Lara, I'd drive on you. IN MY MONSTER TRUCK! I am gonna f*** your roadsigns up!

Lara Croft is curvy new road [thesun]

Thanks to Littlezan and Add still loves Elmo, who both have roads named after them because they are practically celebrities scammed the Make A Wish Foundation growing up.

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Reader Comments

Thanks for the utterly revolting pictre. I'll never get a hardon again GW
Unless I'm watching Dino pr0n

Why. Would. You. Post. That.


good fucking christmas GW... how about a friday night palette cleanser after trying to swallow that one?

...firstards couldn't even tard themselves on that one. I bet dozens of them passed out when the picture popped up

I think even if I fixed myself a ruffie colada, I wouldnt be able to forget that picture.

Just wait for the dog nasty geek girls to start posting stuff like, "most of you guys would jump at the chance to get with that" just like they did with rotten pepper t i t s and the rest of the horf gang in that body paint post from weeks past.

who is the vagina complaining about the language?

fuck language filters

The hippo's have learned to use weapons, kill it!!

you fucking asshole

this will make everyone feel better


Cant unsee!!! Cant unsee!!!


I live there.

Will it have humps on it?

JESUS CHRIST! ghguhuhgughguh it burns!!!!!

@ 9, you just made my night.

Theres a bridge named after the GW too.

My eyes!! I need those to see you know!

This chick is hotter than the one playing the video game in her thong. LOL

ugh god its like a train wreck. i cant look away but it burns!!!!!

roll it in flower

I'm deaf, but I think I'm blind too. Thanks.

so disturbed by that eye full my spelling's all up the shitta * check- flour *

About time you started posting pictures with attractive women in them.

Let it not be said that the GW has no sense of humor.

oh, and all you traumatized guys out there....


I'm not angry i'm just impressed... where did you find that? And please tell me you found it :P

@11 naas, LOL, great pic. Meaty arms.

This picture is why I don't pose nude...

I've seen worse.

And is anybody intrested in the road?

Aw man. I guess I'll take this website off the "sfw" list.


Anybody intrested in Lara Croft?

DUUUUDDDDE you need to get the Superficial Writer to throw a fuckload of pink stars on that Lara Croft picture. I just nearly had a stroke and puked at the same time after stumbling across that image!

Is it sad that my biggest problem with this picture is the skort? Hell, if you're gonna go for it, go for it. You don't do this half assed with a toy gun and a skort. You do it wearin fish net thigh highs and a gun holster in your garter with a carbine. Even if you are big, even if you aren't attractive; there is no excuse for half assed attempts at sexy.
end rant.

I agree that that is a horrible picture, but in a different outfit, a different pose, and different setting she could be beautiful.

I dunno what's more sick... the fact that I just saw Lara Kraft's gelatinous pale fleshy bits or the fact that someone(GW) actually had enough hatred for the denizens of geekologie to grace us with this photographic equivalent of the ark of the covenant's contents.... my face literally melted off as i typed this.

Congratulations GW! You now know what its like to make 30+ guys' dicks to hide themselves/perform ritual suicide.

That is a picture of a freaking guy! You should be ashamed of putting that up!!

GW, you're more evil than Hitler.
That was worse than a kick in the groin by Ronaldo.
It hurt so bad, I can feel my spirit withering away now.

My eyes!! I need those to see you know!


I think I literally just threw up in my mouth >_<

Thanks a lot GW, I'm waiting for you to help me clean vomit out of my keyboard.

Ranga Rage!!

I'm a heterosexual chick . . . but I'm pretty sure I will never be able to become aroused again after that picture.

I'mma hafta go pee on your parkway for that picture... Thanks for the nightmares.

this gets put up but my penis pants doesn't wtf

this is the girl of the yesterday post right?


Id like to see that fugly bitch do a frontflip - swandive.

Are we sure that specimen is female? I think I see it's nuts peeking out around its vagina.

holy crap, is that susan boyle?

mini steyr aug

Usually I'm in the camp of 'these women are okay, come on, you're just trolling, if they weren't trying so hard you wouldn't be bashing them so much and if you met them in real life you'd be staring.'

This is not that. This makes me want eyebleach.

@51 i rather see her in a thong than this....

Different strokes folks.

Oh FFS Geekologie, I was eating here.

Gagged when I saw that picture.

Is it me or does she only have a left tittie? Right side looks a bit smaller. Still... /barf!

this is the kinda girlz youre going to CALI for? tellem I said hi. have fun riden the waves!!

The goggles do nothing!

She's obviously a geek! and she is confident about her body. Both HUGE turn-ons.
It's really annoying and a total turn-off when people make fun of pictures because they aren't *your* ideal type.
Some one who is confident enough to take a half-naked picture of themself can take a 5-6 and make themselves a 12 simply by their attitude. She might not be "classically" beautiful, but she's got a lot more than most people going for her simply because she's got confident (and the smokin' sultry look helps too!)

My boner committed suicide.


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