Feb 25 2010Makes Perfect Sense: Lightsaber USB Drives


Honey, have you seen my lightsaber USB drive? Haha, what do you mean it's in your panty drawer? These USB lightsabers come in red and green, light up when you plug them in and will set you back $20 for 1GB of storage. Amazingly, they're actual Lucasfilm licensed products from Japan. Really? Because I would have manufactured the same thing, not gotten any licensing rights, and sold them as lightswords BECAUSE I'M A RUTHLESS BUSINESSMAN. Don't believe me? Then why did I just kill my secretary? Wait, why did I just kill my secretary? CAUSE I'M ROOFLESS, YOUNG'N!

ThinkGeek Product Site
Lightsaber Flash Drives [ohgizmo]

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Reader Comments


FIRST! And Skywalker uses one.

BUH BAM first to comment, suck it readers!

god damnit

Want one!

@1 - @4 BUH BAM, you're all fucking losers

That's no USB lightsaber, more like a midets' chopstick

I have the jumbo size hidden under my mattress.

Want one of those luminescent dildo !! :D

that is a poor excuse for a lightsaber.

On a side note, my 3 year old son is really getting into star wars and likes to call Storm Troopers... Storm Vaders. kids gotta love em.

@6 You must have a very little penis.

@10 not at all, just an intolerance to abundant ongoing stupidity

i did something like this last year. i had an old ass Star Wars spoon that lit up and popped out a little saber on the end of the spoon when you press a button. so i messed with it and it looks sorta like this and when you plug it in it pops out the plastic saber and lights it up.

Looks like rule 34 on computers

Sh... should I draw the penis?

i would like to tickle myself with this

The power of Sith compels you!!..........to buy these great lightsaber USB drives...These don't really look all that great.

China watches,

Is this so your computer can look as though it has a light up penis?


That is all.

thats so sick finally

D i l d o s

what is this?

Awesome blog, thanks! Keep up the great work!

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