Feb 4 2010LEGO Wallets Make Your Ass Hurt, Squarish


Granted a LEGO wallet isn't the worst thing (cellmate) to make your ass hurt, but still. I can barely stand my wallet and it's genuine pillowdragon leather (softest material known to wizard). I don't want a bunch of dots printed on my buttcheeks, yo! Still, if you're a lady and want to carry one in your purse, I respect that. They range in price from $24 to $32 depending on the model and I'll even let you pay for my drinks. All of which better come with umbrellas and plastic cutlasses cause I'm a classy bitch.

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I Can't Think Of Anything More Comfortable To Carry In Your Pocket Than These LEGO Wallets [ohgizmo]

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Legos rule the world

Long live the robots.

LOOOOOL! It's amaaaaazingggg XD

Thats awesome ;_;

Best Website, Ever.


you can put your weeeeed in there.

real fashion hurtsz.

have you ever seen a lego wallet........ on weeeeeeeeeeed, man?!
awwww, its so awesome! you should check it out some time

wow.... good thing my arse is made of adamantium.

Wow, people actually make money off of this shit? It's just a change purse w/ legos glued on, just go to Instructables, freaking illiterates.

i predict the yearly global sales of lego wallets will be approximately equal to the number of people who have a peg leg -- and get hit by lightning -- on their birthday -- while doing a handstand -- naked -- in the shower.

Cool, but I wouldn't carry this shit around with me. Rather it be at home collecting dust.

I think they're kind of awesome. Have you seen the lego mp3 player and digital camera?

@8 yeahhhh.. And,it can hold your weed and you can build stuff on it.

Those look less like wallets and more like purses, they may be small but the last time I checked wallets didn't have zippers on them.......unless they were pokemon wallets.

just because you can make a wallet out of LEGO doesn't mean you should.

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