Feb 24 2010In Case You Get To Touch One: 15 Things You Should Know About Sweater Yams


Click HERE to view the full chart.

The latest in information graphics, this one's all about your favorite subject: comics sweater puppets. Say, did you know the average female nipple is 3/8" long when erect? I didn't. Cause I've definitely seen some outliers! I'm looking at you, sausage-nippled old lady that decided to flash us during Beach Week!....

Wait -- what are you doing here?

15 Things You Should Know About Breasts [onlineschools]

Thanks to trick house, mike469x and Brodeur, who already know everything there is to know about breasts, including, and virtually limited to: they're proof God loves us.

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This is so gonna get me laid.


I LOVE boobies..... just sayin

Is it me, or is the graph only the left half of the picture?

I seriously think that some of you losers just sit at your computer all day, refreshing this website just so you can post "FIRST!" in the comments section. Is that the peak of your life? Do you consider this a fun time?

I went to this page, watched a 2 minute video, then hit refresh on Geekologie and already theres 6 replies, and of course some idiot posting "FIRST!"

This is really pathetic when the high point of your day is being able to be the person who posts the first comment on a website article. You didn't even post anything constructive or even close to important.

This is truly pathetic. Seriously.

@ Zing!


A long rant about how much you hate firsties? Save your breath... a simple gif and be done with it... for example...

i seen this a few days ago at pixelmonster/tully/breasts

but still good shit

@7 your just jealous because you lack the pure fuckin' awesomeness to be first, and just to make you rant a little more FIRST!!!

@9 Love it!

See, its not always best to be first

So it's ok to carry excessive fat as long as it is in the shape of boobs.........just sayin

I knew the whole "You're just jealous!" crap would come up, because honestly, thats all I thought you idiots capable of responding with. And you proved me right. I hope you all enjoy the fact that you're inside, trying to be the first to post a comment on a small website's articles while the rest of us are outside having sex with girls.

And the worst part about all of this is that if you're not the one to post first, you actually feel sad about it.

I'm not going to come back to this page to read any replies to this message, so don't bother responding, you already look pathetic enough.

Have a nice day, retards.

I think #14 needs some therapy...

(hit reload and turn on music)

@14 You should go have some of that sex with "Real Girls" and take a chill pill. Because nothing you'll say will stop the firstards.

@14 it's funny coming from someone posting @7 only 12 minutes after the first one. You are just sad because you weren't first and your "outside sex partner" (hooker) didn't want to be pay per second.

@7 & @14 - there's not even a corpse left from the horse that was beaten, listen to STOMPY because he's right.
@11 typical retort from a typical retard, you must be the fat kid who thinks they're 'big boned' or the ugly kid who says 'beauty is on the inside'. Your parents are tired of making excuses for you
@13 absolutely

Eventhough the firstards are annoying, I was first once eventhough I did not follow tradition n post FIRST, it was awsome. haha...

Having boobies of my own and careing for them deeply I already knew all this, but it's still kool for the men who dont know shit bout women anatomy. ha!

@19 being first without defaming yourself by typing it strongly convinces most people you're not retarded, well done

Best. Post. Ever.

Also, why is there a banner advertisement for Geekologie on the side of the page?

I just came back from a Furry-F meeting and I'm confused. How many boobs does the average woman have anyway?



36C and 34B are not breast sizes, they're bra sizes.

I always read Geekology in the nude. Just saying...

@26 ...... remind me never to sit at your computer chair......just sayin

You just googled Sheyla Hershey...

you perv.

@24 what size are your boobs?

Breasts are always fun! Whoever they belong to.

Since I obviously know that I will never touch a women s boob I decided to get man boobs and touch myself

They forgot fact #16, which is that boobs taste like bacon.

Hmmmmm..... bacon boobs....

Hey, I can legally go topless! Woohoo! Although my breasts would only be considered attractive in the middle ages, apparently...

Just to expand on #12, you are also allowed to go topless in Oregon. Unless they changed the laws within the last couple years since I've lived there...
As long as you have something covering your genitals you fine. ;)

@27: Ja, ja- mmmm, don't worry, you're not invited.

Good Post

So many 'I can legally go topless! Woohoo! Although my breasts would only be considered attractive in the middle ages, apparently....'

@ 41

The comment @ 39 was just one of those parrot ads.....I hate those guys. However the original commenter @ 33, I have no idea what she's talking about. Middle ages?

BTW: Nice article.......


does that include da ganj?

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