Feb 11 2010Get Out Of My Drink!: Space Invaders Ice


Because you can never have too many novelty ice cubes, this is a $7.45 Space Invaders tray (cleverly called Ice Invaders to avoid paying any sort of licensing fee). Just add water or your favorite juice (I prefer booty juice) and you'll have 24 Drink Invaders ready for chilling your favorite beverage in no time. Hit the jump to see some denture shaped ice cube trays that'll really freak out your friends! Say -- you haven't seen my teeth anywhere have you? I think I misplaced them while I was making our drinks.
What do you mean I have a pretty mouth?

Hit it for the other tray.


Product Site
Product Site

Thanks to jonathan, who won't put anything in his drink that isn't shaped like a little plastic cutlass.

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Reader Comments

YAY. My life lone wait is over

yeah same as orwell u help bad companies 2 sell crap by posting ideas of poor geeks - i bet the worst corporations sitting with matches in their eyes 24/7 here & waiting 4 new gadgets - after they had 10k ys aged ice-cubes already 4 round 2 grands - im waiting the new t$oonami wave - hmm ok not

HAHAHAHA yea deffs

First they invade our universe. Now our frosty beverages? I say the invaders have gone too far!


Visit my site to read my newly published story, "Ragnarok."

If you are paying over $1 for ice cube trays they better come with water preloaded.

@4 - Please stop spamming us with your Fagnacock. Nobody is interested in your viking slash fiction.

@ 2 .... English?

I have space invader ice cubes!

They look cool, but melt wicked fast.

@2 WTF?

@ 8 & 6 kma ? ††† in ya chairs reading retarded abbreviated lines

Wow GW, you're missing a step. A step with dinosaurs. From the same website:


Technically the product site would be http://www.worldwidefred.com/fredparty.htm they've got a heck of a lot of pretty cool (no pun intended) stuff

these have been around for almost 2 years at least. GW must never go to bevmo.

This fine and all but where can we get some ice cubes shaped like that mouse that is shaped like lady-bits!

@ 13 the internet


HEYYYYYYY!!! I sent this to geekologie not jonathan. Damn. oh well. I thought they were interesting.

BOOM i got those ice cubes :)

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