Feb 1 2010Evolutionary Robots Learn How To Hunt


So a bunch of jerky scientists who should all be hung (like outlaws, not horses) for treason against humanity have created robots that evolve. And, get this: they've evolved the ability to hunt. Awesome, WE'RE ALL DEAD.

The robots were controlled by a neural network that mutated randomly, with input information from the robots' sensors. In an imitation of natural selection, the robots with the best maneuvering abilities were allowed to foster a new generation. Furthermore, selected robots were "paired" by having their neural net connections mixed and passed to a new generation.

Within 100 generations, the robots were able to move through a maze without bumping into anything.

The researchers described "spider" hunting techniques among the bots in which hunters would lie in wait for prey (which in this case, fortunately, consisted of other robots). The hunted, meanwhile, developed a strategy of "quickly (rotating) in place, which reduced the probability of being approached from the sides without sensors."

Yes, robots lying in wait for prey. In this case, other robots. In future cases, you. And you know what's gonna happen? You're gonna die. Well, scream and die. What's that? Ha, good call. Scream, shit yourself and die.

Robots evolve to learn cooperation, hunting [cnet]

Thanks to hERB, Mycroft, Sprite, Rafi and Big Jud, who will lie in wait for the lying in wait robots.

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Reader Comments

first o ya

your working late today GW!


great, thats all we need =\


good job loser.

Freakin' robots.

oh not cool

3 words....people hunting robots

its not that difficult to hunt robots, most of them have a off switch, if not, they are solar. just seclude 'em in a dark moist area, that's what i do to kill the fungus I find in my house...it keeps coming back though, i need to try harder... maybe a cooler environment, you know, a bit under room temperature, that will kill 'em for sure.

we should create zombies to counter the robots........wait.....

"...who should all be hung..."

It's "hanged", not hung.


@8 what is the punctuation on that?

They better implement the Asimov laws as quick as they can!

This is it. The end is fracking neigh!
Don't these guys watch BSG?

stupid robot, you go squish now





In this context you use 'hanged', never 'hung'; so although the horse joke is amusing, it also doesn't make sense.

Jus sayin

I'm still waiting for the Cyberdyne Systems model T-800 series to come out.

@19 microwave burritos are HOT, that's probably why

Am I the only one who's reminded of Geth while reading this?

Pretty much along the lines of this article, where robots started lying to each other to survive!!!



I've never made a comment here before but I felt compelled to tell you that your hung (like an outlaw, not a horse) joke makes no sense. Because if they are to be "hung" like outlaws, they would be "hanged".
OK. back to the dick jokes. I love your site, all grammar nazi-ing aside.

Christ. GW, do you not realise this experiment has beendone by the same people who thought the robots to lie. We must stop EPFL before they unleash the end times.


So....they took samples with random programming venues and selected for that which yielded the desired protocol and got out one specific route of instructions which did it correctly/directly. Umm, that's not "evolution" that's programming the hard way. This is why mechanical engineers should not marry electrical engineers (or a cs) with nothing going on during a Saturday morning.

What would suck is to be eviscerated or shoot by a shitty looking robot like that. No sleek chrome exoskeleton, or cylon led eyes; just a metal bucket on wheels with highly advanced intelligence and an AK-47 strapped to it.

Hey why are you in all that blood and your intestines hanging out?

A bucket just shot the shit out of me and gouged my stomach out with a sharp stick.

Aw man that sucks.

ehehehehe KILL robot :)
this is thank you.. :)

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