Feb 3 2010Damnit Grandma, I Didn't Want A SEGA Zone


The SEGA Zone is basically a giant turd in a box with the SEGA name slapped on it. You can count on your grandmother buying you one for Christmas instead of a Wii.

The Sega Zone is a weird little console that comes preloaded with 50 games, including 20 classic Genesis games. 16 of the remaining games support motion control with a strange Wiimote knockoff, if that's your thing. Look for it in the UK this summer for $60, if this in any way interests you.

Admittedly, I do love classic Genesis games. But I also love the smell of gasoline to the point where I find myself loitering around gas stations. Mmmm, BP.

Finally! A Sega Genesis with a Wiimote [dvice]

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Reader Comments

I heard they got rid of "Knuckles" and added a new character..... "Fister"
...... just sayin

I actually want one.

I think GW really, REALLY likes the smell of gasonline...... just sayin

".... Still, I love the smell of gasoline as much as the next guy, but actually drinking it? That's just crazy talk. I love robots. So was that."

Actually if my grandma bought me one of these I would be happy. Hey it beats that god damn Snuggie that shocks the shit out of me every time I use it. Hate that thing, thanks Grandma!!

@4 Grandma got that for you cause she doesn't really love you....... she heard you and GW like to huff gasoline, and she figured if you wore your snuggie while huffing, the spark (and resulting fire ball) would teach you a lesson.... just sayin

What's a Sega?

@6 get out...

@6 its the same thing as a "dickfor"

i would rather own the latest sega collection they just released last year. it has the old phantasy stars and other delights. here look how awesome it is > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonic's_Ultimate_Genesis_Collection

i like the smell of gas stations too, seriously!

I'd take this over a wii any day.

How much do you need to pay for a wii+20 graphically poor games?

@11 nothing if you have an SD card and internet XD

@5 now that was just mean. Grandma bought me a lighter too...wait ...maybe she does want me dead. Na that was for my rolled ones that I share with her.

why not just get a emu and rom everything you want to play
i have like 2k games from the nes to the super NIN

yes nintendo and all those comp's are losing money but they are keeping a customer to buy all there new stuff also
we just wanna play the classic's from time to time and not pay a new 5$ to download the damn thing onto my xbox or wii

@13 and its good for her arthritis too.......... just sayin

@15 it's also good for eating grandma's food. See she sometimes confuses sugar for salt! But if your stoned enough you eat it and even ask for seconds...just sayin.

@16 that reminds me of a story.....
last week I made some awesome chicken devan... and i had to half the recipie..... unfortunately I forgot to half the curry.... its was a bit spicy.... just sayin

@17 I bet you were reminded that you had a bung hole later that night too.......just sayin..

@18 that night, and the night after.... just sayin

@19 , that's when ya gotta use some Monkey Butt powder.......just sayin....no really the shit works....just sayin

@20 Never heard of it. Corn starch? (i.e. Baby powder)

Toe Jam and Earl 2 FTW mofos!!

Sometimes I wonder if GW just tries to work the misspelling of dammit into as many posts as possible to fuck with me. I mean, as many times as I've pointed out that damnit isn't actually a word, it's either that or he's truly a dumbass...

You guys eat, breathe and shit hatred.

Even if there are only 10 *excellent* classic games, you're still getting them at $6 a shot

@11 --> 20 classic Genesis games on Wii's Virtual Console x 800 points minimum = 16000 points, or about $160

I guess it all depends on what Genesis (Or Master Drive, for the cooler crowd) are on it.

I'd still rather have this than those Chinese NES hacks that say they have 1000+ games when in fact they just cycle Pac-man 100 times, Super Mario Bros. 200 times and Battle City 300 times.

The rest are games you've most likely forgotten.

@21 no Google it. It's an actual product with a monkey on it with a shiny red ass. It's funny as hell. But hey like I said it works when you had one to many hot wing!!

A little pricey when you can mod your old x-box and download every one of those games for free.......as long as you don't get caught.

We don't use dollars here in the UK.

I heard that there will be a port to insert genesis games on it. If so then i might get it.
Other wise just use a emulator.

I love the smell of Sega in the morning. It smells like… victory.

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