Feb 13 2010Cat Uses Guitar Player For Free Scratches

This is a video of a cat rubbing itself against the hand of a guitar player. It's awesome. So awesome, in fact, I've decided to learn how to play the guitar so the cat will play with me. GOD KNOWS THE DOG WON'T DO IT. *ahem* Chloe. YOU HAVE AN UNDERBITE WHY WON'T YOU LOVE ME?!


Thanks to Marcia, who's so pretty all the woodland creatures come to her. Watch out for those bears, Marcia.

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kitty be a strummin

Cats are schizo.

My cat does stuff like this too. She'll even try it while I'm doing something as simple as moving my mouse around.

... it can get uncomfortable when I need alone time.

The cat Clearly has magnets in its head and the guitar is attracting it! Just sayin....

i bet theres at least one or two comments on that complaining about the guys whistling. i want to argue with somebody, I'll go on youtube durpa durpa

Just the cat's facial expression in the first thirty seconds or so is enough to make me laugh.

15 seconds, sorry. Just realized it looks away at 15 seconds.

So qt.

cat's thoughts:
"WOW i got the best neck scratcher around, it plays music wile scratching my neck, I bet the next door cat doesn't have one of those"
or something like that

cats are like slutty women - they dont give a fuck about you as long as they can get off

LOL, that's some serious cute overload.

This reminds me of why I hate cats. Fuck you, cat! I'll so all Hunter S. Thompson on your furry butt.

He's trying to STOP that mutherf ucking racket by his owner an average guitar playing hack !

anyone think to scratch it beforhand..'before it goes deaf sooner than it should

or are they hoping to get more laughs an another video out of it?

I hate cats, they are like whores but they are like scratch whores

that guy totally cant whistle

Try again.

@16 lmfao so true

cat does it to me all the time while playing video games

Oh, Kitty, those are very low quality scratches.

That cat is really very cute and this video is very funny video for me.I can't stop my laugh..this has made my day..Thank you very much for showing such funny video.

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