Feb 8 2010Can You See Me Now?: Verizon Prevents Wireless Access To 4chan, Trolls Pissed


Verizon, in an act of big-brotherdom, has decided to prevent wireless access to 4chan, the sparkling gem of the internet. I've got the feeling this isn't going to end well. Per 4chan Status:

Over the past 72 hours, we've been receiving reports from Verizon Wireless customers having difficulty accessing the image boards.

After investigating, we found that Verizon is dropping traffic to/from boards.4chan.org, only on port 80 (HTTP). No other subdomain/IP/port is affected, which leads us to believe this block is intentional.

After an hour and a half on the phone, we've received confirmation from Verizon's Network Repair Bureau (NRB) that we are "explicitly blocked."

If you've been affected by the block, please call Verizon NRB at (866) 298-5373 to file a complaint.

Wow. Enjoy all the goatse pics, Verizon.

4 Chan Status

Thanks to Thomas, steven, Chris, 40hands and like twenty Anons and Anonymouses, who all make the world (wide web) go round.

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Feel the wrath of anonymous, verizon.


Whatever. This won't last for long anyway. Look what happened when AT&T tried to pull that.



Yes... yes, and more and more I get C-blocked with "Not Available in Your Country" or " So and So has decided to block access in your country ". Yippie. Guess, I'm gonna need a Internet Passport soon? D'oh.

You said Verizon Wireless customers, not people with a DSL/FiOS line (like me); that could mean that people accessing 4Chan from wireless sets could be messing with the system (since 4Chan is one of the biggest generators of traffic on the internets).

i havnt had any problems with 4chan today

Long live the robots.

rrrriiiiiigggggghhhhhhtttttt - so not only are they deciding what you can look at but of all the people on the internet to piss off - 4chan is effectively the Honey badger of the electronic world going for the crotch and finishing you off later....Well done verizon ambitious but most definitely rubbish....

I don't use4 chan but from what i can gather they are somewhat very technologically capable people - so i have to ask:-
Why just after someone breaks the GSM algorithm does Verizon decide to play "poke the Bear" with 4chan users?

interesting place to put yourself


Fire up the ion cannons, boys. We've got work to do.

It's 4Chan,

Who cares.

I love it when companies think they are bigger than the collective end users. 4Chan, I summons you! Unleash your wrath!

wtf stfu so, if the net neutrality stuff goes through, i imagine we will find stuff like this more and more common. who are hulu and youtube going to partner with in order to stay in business/ make the broadband supplier more popular?

/b/tards unite on and offline, with your votes, and your dollars support your right to /b/ and wherever else it is you do.

Everything will be fine as long as 4Chan plays by the rules and...........crap.

1. Switch to AT&T
2. ???
3. Profit

Rule #34

That's why I love my little local cable company

"We have a strict policy against monitoring or logging how our customers use their Internet access."

@14: I think you mean if net neutrality ISN'T upheld. The idea being that all the interwebz are created equal.

But yeah... if you would like to continue to suck at the English language, please continue.

Oof. I hope they know who they're messing with.

Oops. I mean:

I hope they know with whom they are messing.

And in other news... that's effing outrageous. That's like a car company saying "Uh yeah... we don't really like freeways, seeing as there's too much congestion on them, so we're just going to install tracking devices in your personal vehicle so if you attempt to cross the threshold of a freeway on-ramp your car will explode."

@21... I lol'd.

Verizon's going to be in for a world of hurt. Veeeery few rules about the internet, one of them is to not piss off 4chan.

#2 said it. AT&T pulled the same thing resulting in anons uniting in anger leading to AT&T lifting the ban on the website.

verizon has decided to unblock 4chan.

damn, I was hoping for a nice raid.

AAAnnny way, the Anonii are still working on a raid which could possibly rival even the chanology protests of 08.


this with Australian Internet users about to get their tubes filtered by a chinese speaking PrimeMinister (little totalitarian degenerate), things could get interesting over the next year or so.



O GAWD NO! i cant get CP on my new verizon phone?! damnit!

Verizon blinked.

Weak company is weak. I was still prepping the LOIC when I got the news. So the new target is ausfalia? Gimme coordinates, kind sir.

T-mobile network got band because some spammer..lol

It is super effective!

I probably did that wrong.. man, it's been ages since I last played Pokemon!
Someone please revamp/correct my work above? :)

Just checked it on my Verizon phone, and I can get to 4chan just fine. Must've revoked it in some places already.

Who cares?

first time i have heard of 4chan...

I don't really care because I never go there (I know, I know; net neutrality, free speech, censorship and all) but I still hope something really bad happens to Verizon. And never stops happening. Ever.

it's kind of interesting how this site sporting pedobear for an icon is, for it's part, NOT blocked:

even if verizon does unblock 4chan, they've already pissed off the bees.


Good there are already to many dumb shits on it already!

@34 just forget you did you'll be much better for not knowing

I wonder if the 4Chan 'tards realise that their internet companies can track their dealings. If they were really irritated by a bunch of lame ass hackers, they'd just co operate a little and block the accounts of anyone who logged into 4Chan. There are even laws about to be implimented that would allow them to do that. *L*

we are legion. we do not forget. we do not forgive. feel the wrath of Anonymous, Verizon.

@39 only in the states.

In the Uk recently with Digital Britain, BT & Virgin (2 biggest inet providers) told the government to fuck off when they tried to enforce rules that would lead to people getting disconnected.



you don't log onto 4chan.
there ar'nt any accounts.

Meh, can't say I'm bothered. Don't get me wrong, some of the memes from 4chan are funny but the first time I visited the actual site itself there was a large thumbnail of some childporn right on the frontpage. Made me feel genuinely sick/depressed for a good few days and I've never gone back nor will I ever.

Friends of mine who visit the site on a regular basis tell me that type of crap doesn't happen too often and what I saw was more of a one off, but to be honest, once is one time too many for my liking.

hey, if you work for a phone company, click this link!

I have Verizon and it is not blocked. Also Verizon are the best rolls ever.

If 4Chan still decides to attack Verizon even after the block was removed it would probably not end well for them.

exactly, the time I used to spend of the chan was occasional cp, and I don't mean a 16 year old girl flashing, I mean 8===> into a baby cp.
never went back, and you know what? the 100 people desperate to conform and parrot whatever they read isn't actually that funny, its just dogma. don't miss it. chansluts is okay sometimes, but they seem to get raided with gore. I don't need to see that shit while trawlin' for bewbs and funny gifs.

the time I used to spend at the chan was occasional cp but usually 16 year old girl flashing with sup written, then there was the time someone ----ed up and posted some cp, and I don't mean a 16 year old girl flashing, I mean 8===> into a baby cp.
I never went back.


It is not smart to poke the hive brain!


I saw that shit too and I have not been back since... In my mind /b/ no longer exists. That picture still haunts me...

Something sounds familiar in there........

Verizon's pool is closed.

Wow, yeah... verizon, enjoy your giant mob of anons with torches.

I think Verizon is a pretty cool guy. eh blocks 4chan and doesn't afraid of anything

You puppet personal army bitches. Look at you do as you're told without even thinking of how 4chan has BOASTED of being in COOPERATION with Verizon for days. Now to try to keep faggots like you off its back it spreads rumors that Verizon is the evil one.

4chan is the one giving Verizon a reason to block it by attracting nonstop spammers. Verizon has to block wireless access like AT&T had to for the same reason over the summer. Go ahead and attack phone companies while it's really 4chan cutting you off with its ineptitude while talking down to you in its system messages.

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