Feb 19 2010Awesome Zelda Magic: The Gatherings Cards


These are some mock-ups of what Zelda themed Magic: The Gathering cards might look like, as created by ZeldaInformer forum member Subrosia. Unfortunately, they're not real. Which is a shame because had they been I might have played for longer instead of giving up and clothes-pinning the cards to make noises in my bicycle spokes.

Hit the jump for Ganon and the Master Sword.



Magic the Gathering: Zelda Edition [zeldainformer]

Thanks to matt, who once got banned from a Warhammer 40,000 tournament for stabbing his opponent with one of his own figurines. Hardcore!

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Reader Comments

<3 So made of win.


Lol Awesome If these where real I would have kept playing as well.

Ganondorf is too powerful to cost only six. And why are the zoras only a common card? Should probably be an uncommon.

pretty cool. and by cool i mean horribly nerdy and delicious.


a decade late for me (stopped at ice age), but i would certainly admire them next to my serra angel lurgoyf, martin stromgald, living lands, kormus bell, mox emerald, black lotus, demonic tutor, and baron sengir

...yes i kept my favorites

@ catch22

i have my chromium and shivan dragon still.

but yes i stopped playing in highschool

and I believe that the mask guy, gannon, link, and master sword would easily be banned.

i would spend a ton of money on these without thinking it twice...

Lol spell check.

Still awesome though.

Cool cards, but they read like they worded by someone with Down Syndrome.


Finally, a fresh idea.

Hahaha! this brings back memories man great memories of walking past my HS library calling the kids that played magic A bunch of F4GGIT N3RDS!!!!! lol (high fives everywhere) ahh good ol' times


Maybe if he used like current terminology they would be more awesome

Ganondorf should be pro white and I would of made Lost Woods an enchantment like creatures cant attack or block and have shroud. I did make some Halo cards which I'll upload somewhere.

Apparently, I'm the only Magic fan in the readership here. These cards are terrible. First of all, the types are all wrong: Mysterious Being? Basic? King of Evil? In the rules of the game, that would make "of" a creature type. Also, none of the 5 creatures actually have the creature type.

The wording is wrong, the cards are completely BROKEN: The Master Sword, at uncommon, would be the most powerful artifact legal today. What a half-assed effort.

Dude your not the only one, me and my friends have a get together and play MTG all day on mondays. Hence Magic Monday, I love being such a geek :]

I've never been to the renaissance fair before

Not to mention the fact that the Ganon token's unblockable ability completely negates it's trample ability... seriously...

@Algae, luvs2spooge & ooga

Yeah, these are abominations. I actually have designed a Zelda set for MTG for fun years ago.


Magic was actually really fun. Wish I had more opportunities to play it when I was younger.

There are much better zelda-based fan cards out there.

The colors on these cards don't make since, why is it that link uses every color, but White? White should be his main one. They left out the important word 'creature'. The zora card is mad broken.

good idea, poor execution.

Now I haven't played magic in probably 15 years so maybe the rules have changed but what's the point of giving trample to a creature that can't block? Also Ganondorf is way overpowered. He should cost 4 black and 4 colorless, minimum.

My only issue is the program they're using to make the cards can auto place rule texts for abilities.

A buddy of mine and myself run a website using internet memes and pop culture references as cards here

Jesus this brings back old memories. Of Zelda and MTG. Except the more recent ones of Twilight Princess, which I tried so hard to love but couldn't find it in me because it was way too easy and uncomplicated. Anyway. I'm almost inspired to start playing MTG again, except I don't have the money to spare or the people to play with. One of these days, man, one of these days.

I haven't played magic cards in 12 years... when did they get all ugly?

Ya'll should get on magic workstation and play. its free to download :D And you can make your own custom decks and stuff :)

yes a little late for me too but it did make me feel a little nostalgic i may even plug my N64 in, blow in the old cartridge and play some zelda today i know im missin some masks still... or try to figure out that old secret scarecrow song

Zora is the only marginally playable one out of all of these.
Mask Salesman's tinker function is powerful, but at 4 mana and waiting a turn, clearly better to just tutor for actual Tinker.
Whoever designed these doesn't really know how to play.

One answer for Ganondorf.
-tap one white- Path to Exile.

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