Feb 16 2010Awesome Composite Shot Of Total Eclipse


This is a shot of a total eclipse (unfortunately, not of the heart) showing the sun playing hide and seek behind the moon (very worthwhile high-res shot HERE). If you look close enough, you can even see an alien in the bottom left corner. Keep looking.

This stunning solar eclipse is a composite of nine images (taken with a Canon 200mm lens) and 38 eclipse images layered over one another. The eclipse occurred in July.

The image shows how magnetic waves emanate from the sun in brilliant nano-flares.

Admittedly the picture is badass, but I wonder about all the compositing that goes these days. I mean, who's to say what's real and holy shit you think you could make one of the sun where you can kind of see my face in it? Oh, no reason. (I'm starting a cult)

Total Eclipse, Totally Cool [foxnews]

Thanks to JW, only three letters different (and a whole lot handsomer) than yours truly.

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Lame attempt to get us all to check out your butthole, GW. If you want to moon us, just do it! No need to dress it up as something else - private jokes suck...unless they're about your privates.

@1 now that you say that, the streaking at the top and bottom of the circle do make it look a lot like it is god spreading his cheeks to show us all his balloon knot...... just sayin

thats exactly what it looks like from the inside of your moms va jay jay looking out. yup i went there

Total Photoshop job. :D

Muy cool!!!^_^

Freaking shweet!

Freaking shweet!

Once upon a time there was light in my life
But now there's only love in the dark
Nothing I can do ...

Perfect Desktop Background

@9, I agree, I found this pic a few weeks ago, and its been my background since.

I fuckin need you more than evah

New desktop background in 3...2....

Picture of balloon knot => Total eclipse of the Fart

desktop background... i has it.

I just came.

@13 thought you might catch that one. Mad props! And...yes, the fact that we both are familiar with Bonnie Tyler DOES automatically subtract points from our Man Cards.

@15 video, or it didn't happen. Just sayin...

@16 whenever i hear that song, it reminds me of Kiff singing it to Amy, in Futurama, in the episode "Amazonian Women in the Mood"
"Me want snu-snu!"

let the goatse photoshopping begin!

CN - so you're saying I should STOP leaving MY version of it on GW's voicemail? Damn...and I thought it was working.

Turn around bright eyes...just...turn...around. No, seriously...I'm stalking you and think you should probably turn around before someone calls the cops and I have to take another mandatory vacation.

@19 I don't think you need to stop leaving GW messages.... restraining orders are just another way of saying "i love you"

F****** AMAZING! LOOK AT THAT MOON! *drools*

BABE I got me a new wallpaper!

(I will have it plotted and make a gigantic poster in my room!)

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