Feb 26 2010Amazing 30K Piece LEGO Droid Control Ship


This is a stunning 30,000 piece LEGO replica of the Star Wars Droid Control Ship. It took builder Paul Yperman two years and a small fortune in LEGO bricks to construct. However, it did not take a pyrotechnics license. Boooooooooooooooo!! FIREWORKS SHIP NEEDS MORE FIREWORKS.

Some years ago I walked into a second hand book shop and I bought a Star Wars Cross sections book. In the center stood the Droid Control Ship. It blew my mind and I knew I had to build it.

I used almost 30000 parts. Lots in the center globe that I build with the aid of a building program that I found on the web. 3500 tiles to cover the outside structure. Lots of Technic parts to make the inside frame, so I could move, lift and take it apart without breaking it. The technic parts are joined left/ right and top / bottom, resulting in a firm and solid almost selfcarrying structure.

First of all, who the hell parts with a Star Wars cross-section book? CAUSE THEY BETTER HAVE DIED. Secondly, I'm serious, who would do that? That's like sneaking original, unopened He-Man figures into Toys R Us and putting them back on the shelf. You gotta be crazy!

Hit the jump for a bunch more of the amazing amazingness, as well as the link to higher-res shots.








Star Wars Droid Control Ship [mocpages]
30,000-piece Star Wars Droid Control Ship [brothers-brick]

Thanks to Blaqk Panda, who, for two tips in two days, has received two shoutouts. This is one. The other one was probably better.

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Reader Comments

Definitely not first

I always like those cross-section style books.

Oh, and #1 is a flaming homosexual.

that's no planet

Great build, but why not make a ship from one of the *good* Star Wars movies?

That's no moon.

@3 How is it insulting to say I love someone of the same sex as myself? I find your lack of tolerance disturbing.

That is fantastic.
I just orgasmed it's so good.

@7 is a flaming heterosexual.

Hmm, how about a flaming narcissist? Flaming pyromaniac?

I'm a flaming solipsist myself. I hope that's OK with the rest of you.

Oh, and @ 1, that's what she said.

Why the F would you build your hanger bay pointed right into the other hanger bay a few hundred feet away on the other side of the ship?


And this dudes sex life for the last two years has consisted of a mayonnaise jar

Huh. Anyway...


To protect the interior of the hanger bay from direct bombardment from other capital ships.


What a waste of perfectly good lego bricks.

that's no planet

Oh Lego Replica of of the Star Wars looks an amazing and I wonder that how this was made.There are 30,000 piece which is such a huge number.I like your technique for this..

Imagine having to go from one open edge of the ship to the other. It is faster to just fly from one hangar to the other rather that traveling around the whole ship!


yea, I need a brake...

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I'll give you 12 bucks for it.

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