Feb 17 2010Aha!: New Space Station Viewing Module Actually A TIE Fighter Cockpit


This just in: the new viewing module added to the International Space Station is actually a refurbished TIE fighter cockpit. You heard it here first. Also, I'm the world's greatest lover and have a body that could make Adonis cry tears of pure abs. What -- you already heard that? Was it written in a bathroom stall? Yeah I did that.

Picture [nasa]

Thanks to Sister Angus McBastard, one hell of a holy sandwich. And Ryan, who took the time to make the mashup pic. Good lookin', Ryan. Really, you are.

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ha, Cupola.

Yes, perfection. I love this blog. Did you hear that? I love you.

You gotta post that picture in higher res, I want some PEW on my background at work.

most interesting....the force is strong with this one...

GW I love you and this blog post has inspired me to let the whole world know. Or at least your readership

Have you ever looked out of the top of a space station? That was the last thing on the NASA list because if was for bunches of people they hoped would be going there. When you have to work all the time, with no alcohol, and there are things going on like people ... well like Huntsville, and you are in space... You need something to look out at, other than a computer screen. Its a big picture window. Sometimes life sucks. Sometimes you order too much shushi. I wish I could go up there.

Hmm while this is fricking awesome, I'm a little worried by the fact that EVERTHING in the module is the same and looks like it hasnt been replaced... Safety first, people.

Upon closer inspection, its badly shopped. Check out the windows.

I knew this looked familiar!!

I thought that was Longcat on the left side.



God bless this site

you would think they would pony up better curtians for the windows instead of ones that are held back by zip ties. seesh*

It must cost a fortune to get a window cleaner up there!


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