Jan 19 2010You Gobble Those Knuckles!: Pac-Man Tattoo


This is a tattoo of Pac-Man gobbling his way across somebody's knuckles. At first I thought it was just done in pen, but after an extensive Photoshop investigation I came to the conclusion that I didn't care and I'm posting it anyway. BOOYA!

Pedantic Title: There Was No Dark Blue Ghost [ugliesttattoos]

Thanks to Cinderella, whose glass slippers were actually diamond but she didn't want to tell anybody that because they might have tried to rob her.

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Furst duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh diuogzdsljzhfiudshfndlksz


I'm slightly obsessed with pacman...

Terrible coloring job... :/

this might sound weird, but I totally mean every bit of it...

I am in LOVE with his hands <3

This is obviously drawn on , look @ the yellow smudged on both hands .......

GW, NOW you have lost all credibility (in your bra).

who cares if its drawn on still awesome-sauce

Yeeeeaahhh h h .about that . . .

Not a Pacman expert or anything , but I'm pretty sure you need a pacpill to eat blinky or clyde or whoever.

So unless that's a fraidy-ghost (which its not) , pacman will go like this . . .


just sayin



@4 *wrapping my strong pac knuckles around your slippery ghost*

This looks like a real game.Well Pack man is one of my favorite games and I like this Pack man Tattoo idea very much.I will also try for it.Thank you for this post.

Definately fake, so no kudos to the guy that took the pic. You, sir, now have to give a couple of yanks to GW's "pacman". Dry, no lotion.

When "the dynamite goes BOOM" the pellets pop out in 3d form.... just sayin

I agree; looks drawn. Doesn't detract from it being a neat concept. Definitely don't think it qualifies as an ugly tattoo.

@8 if you look closely he is blue, and so very edible..

@15 - If YOU look closely, you can see that the ghost's eyes aren't all 'tarded and there's no ~~~ for a mouth. Also, that's not the right shade of blue.

Therefore, he is NOT vulnerable.

Learn your Pac Man before you come back to Geekologie, skank.

Contact my office immediately. You have cases pending against you. Ignoring this matter will further damage your situation.

yeah, those are my tattoos fo sho. (myspace.com/pukeapage)

to those who are obviously slightly challenged to a mild degree, yes yes, they are REAL tattoos, and go f**k yourself for being an idiot. kthx...

the yellow smudges are highlighter used to align the dots as this picture was taken directly after the first session....

I dunno who found this picture, but cheers to you.

and to who thinks my knuckles are sexy, your the shit. ;)

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