Jan 15 2010Who Will Win?: 2009 Chevy Malibu Versus 1959 Chevy Bel Air Head-On (Apply Directly To The Forehead) Crash Test

Alright, I'm taking bets -- who will be the victor? If you answered, "GW in a f***ing monster truck", congratulations, you won. Something. Not my v-card though.

Head-on crash test: 2009 Chevy Malibu vs. 1959 Bel Air [dvice]

Thanks to James, who would have crushed both those vehicles with a Sherman tank. You get all crushy on those things, James!

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WHYYYY that belaire was kick ass, why did they have to destroy it that sucks sooo much


my 1988 Ford Fiesta would crush that malibu

@3 i agree soo much. any classic car owner would avoid an accident like the government avoids gay rights.

sooo much fail. fuck you insurance institue how dare you!

You guys are kinda missing the point, And while I agree it is a shame to waste a classic car, It does prove the point of how far safety engineering has come. Besides I have seen plenty of these old cars rusting out in some hillbilies yard, so at least this one went towards a purpose.


And the old bel air had no engine.

Top Ten!

@7 "oh look at me, i care about car safety, i wear panties"

"Contrary to Internet suspicions, the IIHS assures us that the antique Chevy wasn't a ringer: There is indeed an engine in the car, and the red cloud of dust that shows during the slow-motion replays isn't rust, merely 50 years of road grime."

They swear up and down it's not rust but just road grime... but didn't think "we should clean this road grime off". How do they know where the rust is if no one even did a proper cleaning? They probably didn't even pop the hood, else they'd notice an engine missing.

Top Ten!

i love how they just so happen to have a solid body 1959 bel air laying around for destruction purposes

nice post. thanks

first saw it here http://www.tflcar.com/2009/09/video-50-years-of-car-safety-innovations-summed-up-in-two-second-test-crash.html

So *that's* what they did with the Cash for Clunkers cars!

Search google images for "DeLorean Monster Truck" for pics of the greatest monster truck of all time. Yes. *Greater* than a life size version of the Midnight Pumpkin. That great.


If that's really the same material old Malibu's used then it was trash to begin with. Looked like tin foil crumpling. Cars made with real metal wouldn't squish like that and explode. Looked more like fiber glass than metal.

there was no way that was fiberglass. Fiberglass would not crinkle it would snap like your mamma's back after stepping on a crack.

I've viewed enough slow motion tape to make me an expert... Thanks Mythbusters... that I can tell you this would indeed happen if both cars met at that speed.

Want more details and pictures?


Hey Mac, the new malibu structure is made of 3 types of steel, mild steel, High Strength Steel and Ultra High Strength steel. The only 'plastic' you are talking about is trim over the actual structure. The 1959 is made of mild steel only. The extra thickess of the 1959 steel is irrelevant, as there is no structure behind it where the passengers sit. It all falls apart once the vault-like passenger compartment of the malibu hits the much weaker passenger compartment of the Bel Air.

1959 - engine compartment and passenger compartment equally strong.
2009 - engine compartment purposely weak, passenger compartment much stronger than the entire 1959 car. Get it?

"Alright, I'm taking bets" this sounds to me like you've never heard of the Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006? I'm sure your state law enforcement would be very interested to teach you all about this.

Perhaps this wasn't rigged, consider that this is only one type of accident and that one does not prove anything about the overall safety of a car except that it can handle that particular type of accident well. I would like to see:

Head on full-frontal collision
Both cars simultaneously backed into brick walls.
Bel Air T-boning that malibu
Me, T-boning your fat mother wearing your old cub-scout uniform while Santa gives her a set of bat-wings


i have a 61 plymouth and even tho its not in great shape i sure as hell wouldnt let someone smash it!
fuck this test!! do you have any idea how hard it is to find a 59 chevy???

thanks to iihs, cars are safer....uglier, and less fun.....great job iihs another piece of art destroyed to go towards making all cars look identical to protect the retards who should die because they are stupid enough to hit someone head on in the first place....

old cars had style and character
new cars are ugly and safe....ill go with the old ones ty very much

if you take into account "which 22 year old man is driving this car" the results would be different, if only in utilizing the "which car has the pussy magnet (found in most cars in production from 1929-1969)". just sayin'.

omg wheres the first?


cool crashes. theres another where its ultra compacts vs mid size from same maker. smartcar gets over 5 feet of air when hit BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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