Jan 15 2010WEEWOO!: Video Game Characters Burlesque

You really think I'd let Burlesque Week on Geekologie come to an end without a little action for Friday? No sir/ma'am! This is a video of Princess Peach stripping it down (these are actually the video associated with THIS old post), but hit the jump for some Chun Li, Link/Zelda and IHaveNoIdea action. So yeah, thus ends Burlesque Week. But be sure to tune in Monday for the start of 'Pictures I Drew Of Myself Mounting Dinosaurs' Week. I think it's gonna be even hotter!

Hit the jump for a video of more characters and a link to the picture gallery. UPDATED: Added another Link burlesque video (complete with Triforce pasties) because I love you.

LA Weekly (with a large gallery)

Thanks to Julian, Carlos, Jeremy, Dustin and Joseph, who are unsurprisingly all dudes.

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Reader Comments

me dio asco


@1 what are you??
GAY i bet

this is fucking sexy

Now that's some cute burlesque! It would have been a nice touch if Peach's pasties were Starmen.



Best week ever! Hot geeky girls are all I want in life, and GW delivered. Thank you Geekologie!

No wonder Bowser keeps kidnapping her.

I love burlesque!!!!!!

Its the greatest....thanks GW I might have to give you a show of my own.

The "IHaveNoIdea" action is Rayne! From Bloodrayne!
Peach was definitely the best though!


don't know about you but ,Princess peach's ass is flabby and flat ......

Link was the worst one , sorry guys Im a girl and i know that it was bad .......sorry thanks for trying anyways link !! ; )

what no samus? :(

the mushrooms on her t!ts made me grow!

The last video was only sort of eh- I think the girl was cute enough (though I wish her green panties matched her hat better) but the whole grinding on the sword bit was unsexy.

That being said, the other ones were quite nice.

Wow, Chun Li must have hit the ice cream hardcore. That bitch is much flabbier than I remember. All these years I've been fappin' it to a chubber. Crap.

Will you stop with the burlesque stuff.. i mean its kinda cool but ..enough is enough

@13 Link was the worst dancer, Chun-Li was just the worst. Do not want.

@18 Well, the post being premised on the fact that it's the end of Burlesque Week...I would assume the Burlesque stuff is pretty much over. Thinking makes whining not necessary.

Sweet! Where can I get frilly underwears like that?

The link video is ick. No butt, no boobs, moves too quickly to be sexy. Doesn't know how to do it.


Yay more fat/ugly/weird Burlesque girls...

ChunK Li FTL

Peach: nice cheap frilly outfit. Please learn how to dance in another castle before coming back on stage.
Link: Its cool that you tried really hard to make up for your (also) total lack of dancing skill whatsoever by trying to overuse that sword move.
Chun Li: You are what burlesque girls should be, not another anorexic bimbo stripper, and I appreciate the talent of being able to do a split.
SparkleyVampireWhatever: Next time please don't get your fangs out of a supermarket vending machine.

Contact my office immediately. You have cases pending against you. Ignoring this matter will further damage your situation.

link was bad nice effort but just not good

Peach made me hard

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