Jan 6 2010Stolen From A Future Zoo: The Polar Bear TV


Soon, in order to prevent polar bears from going extinct, scientists will begin grafting them to televisions. This is a practice one. Available in March for $300, the Hannspree polar bear television (17", 720p) makes a perfect addition to your trophy room or....nope, that's the only place it would make a perfect addition. I watch HGTV, I know design.

Polar Bear TV Storms the F*** Out of CES [gizmodo]

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I can't 'bear' to watch the video.... *cue rim-shot*

Tacky as shit…

It will go great with my penguin DVD player. Irony in HD!

This looks extremely bad. Might work for a little kids room though.

@2 is a closet fag. He won't admit that he is a dummy and looks smarter than he is. He really enjoys suckin on ballz, preferably his mom's or dog's. It's ok to come out of the closet, hence his last little comment. You are half way there cock addict ball sucker.

Jimmydogballz I'm ready to continue our little quarrel. I'm sure closet queer lets you come over and shares his dog's ballz with you. And as a thank you. You let him give you a rim-shot.

Sure its not a kermode bear?

@6 If you're so fucking smart, then how come you don't know what the fuck a rimshot really is? Dumbass

@8 If you're so fucking smart, then how come you don't know how to construct a grammatically correct sentence.... Been sucking too much dog ballz recently, have we?

@9 Actually his sentence is grammatically correct...Been sucking too much dog ballz recently, have we?

what better to watch LOST on? :)

@9 I told you, it was an accident.... I was going down on your mom while the dog was bangin your mom up her poop shoot, and his balls fell in my mouth.
That is the risk you take when you eat out the vag of a syphilitic whore..... just sayin

If that polar bear TV will indeed show me Star Trek all day long, I'm buying one.

I wonder if that Polar Bear TV has a hole on the side? :3

That Hannspree company sure has the stupidest designers in the entire universe! They have LCD TVs shaped like a basketball, a baseball and some other weird things only tacky people can buy!

Their screens are pretty good, I just wish they stick to decent designs and fire those crazy employees.

Ooooo cool I want one. It should be a dinosaur though. Rawr means I love you.

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