Jan 19 2010PSSSHOOOOW!: Japanese Jetpack In Action

This is a video of a Japanese man flying around a television studio with a homemade jetpack strapped on. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the video to play here at work so I've had to rely on the word of my tipsters. So, give it to me straight -- is it as awesome as I'd hoped? I got had, didn't I? Gotdamnit.

Japanese Jet Pack [stupidvideos]

Thanks to Austin and TobyRaider, who are both jerks.

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For the first 10 seconds, I was like... that isnt a jetpack... and then when he stood up, I got it.

This is my first first, btw.




So rad.

haha those tricky Japanese people

Wooooooosh !!

thats amazing :) <3

hey does daisy still come to geekologie? i haven't been here in a wile and just started coming back and i haven't seen her? is she alive?

it is more beautiful than i could have ever imagined. Oh wait. that blew whale junk. nevermind.

Yeah I haven't seen Daisy all year...

Can't watch videos at work but I'll just imagine it instead. And it is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

stupid work firewalls...I have to check geekologie on my SmackBerry

GW got owned. *pew pew*

wtf is worng with you GW? post something that worth it



I would buy it.


.... simply shitty dog ballz.....



Those crafty Japanese

aww, you fool me real good naoo!

It'll be funny if the jetpack comes apart and shows someone with a pedobear costume.


It's powered by imagination.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max got his IP banned from a website, so he drove his moped over to Baja's house and posted his gems of wisdom from there."

...is what he/she always used to say...

Anyway, this is like one of the best costumes eveR!!

That's hilarious!! I totally didn't notice him sliding back - I actually watched it a second time for that. LOVE the shoes... okay, so mostly just the fact that a small Japanese man is wearing them, but still!

I'm going right down to my mom's basement to start work on my own jetpack right now.

This is awesome. And by this, I mean how on the vast majority of posts, some idiot claims first. What % of geekologists still haven't figured out that a blank comments section doesn't mean you're guaranteed first? Especially the jerkoffs that care about that sort of thing, you think they'd know that. *sigh*

I smell next year's Halloween costume!

Lol @ captaindouche getting upset about geekologie comments. Get a life my friend.

I want one now. LOL

Holy crap, where can i buy one!?

They promised us all jetpacks!
Where are they?

I miss the Kasou Taishou show. They don't rebroadcast them, and they don't put them on DVD. :-(

Contact my office immediately. You have cases pending against you. Ignoring this matter will further damage your situation.

A total FAIL. Typical asia humor.

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