Jan 18 2010Pew Pew Pew!: Homemade Blu-Ray Phaser Pops Balloons From Across The Room

Remember the homemade Blu-Ray laser-phaser I POSTED WAY BACK IN DECEMBER 2007? Well here's a video of the thing popping balloons from at least eight or ten feet. Ooh, ooh -- do my eyes next!

Starfleet Command has discovered a planet full of vicious balloons, and Jay "Scotty" Rob has modified the classic phaser pistol from The Original Series to be able to pop 'em left and right.

Oh man, I totally need this thing for my next presentation to the Board of Directors. So, Board, as is evident from this chart I just pulled off the internet, I've done little to no work for the past six months. Buuuut....POP! POP! POP POP POP!! Leave the promotion on my desk, I'll be at the bar.

Homemade Star Trek phaser is powerful enough to pop balloons [dvice]

Thanks to Darkpatu, Zmann966, and Lee, who can pop balloons with nothing but their thoughts. MINDFREAKS!

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1. Equalizer - January 19, 2010 10:25 AM

First? Does anybody like me yet?

^ Yes, and No.

I have a phaser that is good for popping cherries.

I want one! But I also don't want to take apart a several hundred dollar blu-ray burner to do it.

Do want! I would totally go to the store and make with the popping of the balloons. Everyone would think I was psychic!

I have a dull life, I must find enjoyment somewhere...

@2 Poppin cherries with your "pew pew baby batter blaster"?

i can't wait till these are powerful enough to cut off limbs. By that time the will be illegal to own privately but then it is just more incentive to join the military

Goddamnit I love lasers. Just bought a green laser and it is so awesome. PEW PEW PEW!

There is no way this thing doesn't somehow cause cancer.

sweet fucking raptor jesus that is sweet, wonder how hard it would be to make it truly functional and be able to stun and or kill your foes

still, i want something thats not as clumsy or random as a phaser, perhaps an elegant weapon from a more civilized age

@2 ha, nice
@4 me too
@8 everything causes cancer these days

This is badass once it can do more damage than popping balloons. I hope he finds a way to amp that blu ray up into a berzerker so he can post another video of what happens when shoving the thing into the eyeball of @1 & blasting cowshit all over the wall behind him

I want a green laser.... not fair....

I want to pop cherries.... not fair...

I want cancer.... not fair...

@10 cowshit! Effin hilarious!

@ 2 LSDiesel - I <3 u! U can has my babeez?

Looks awesome, but don't leave it lying around...

Hey, put that down! Bad kitty! Ow! MOM! Help!

@10 Brings images of Private Pyle blowing his brains out on the shitter in Full Metal Jacket..... just sayin

"Well, no shit. What have we got here, a fucking comedian? Private Joker. I admire your honesty. Hell, I like you, you can come over to my house and fuck my sister!"

This somehow is very, very cool.

@14 indeed, or one of the many posts from rotton.com a few yrs back

@16 I remember that site.... some nasty shit there.... I wonder if they'd have the video of the 'split face' guy?

Did anyone notice how the dude's (or dudette's) arms look like those of a midget? I think we just found the solution to the robot apocalypse: laser midgets.

If you think that's wild, you should see Agent Jack Bowser hunting down the Underwear Bomber (hilarious!):


Oh this can't be good at all......

Kids gonna catch a reflection of the beam and have to walk around with a cane and a dog for the rest of his life.

omg thats the coolest thing ever. i want one.

normally star trek=lame, but as with the hot chick from a while back, this is friggin awesome. Wonder what it feels like on skin...

I'm so lame for not making one!!!

I can see it now.....Laser Tag attire will now consist of wearing blaoons all over your body.

Contact my office immediately. You have cases pending against you. Ignoring this matter will further damage your situation.

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