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Likelihood Of Diff Features On Apple Tablet


This is a little graphic depicting the likelihood of various features on the upcoming Apple tablet. Of course, you can't read that one for shit so click HERE to see the thing in all its high-res glory, glory, hallelujah. So, what do you think, is it gonna have all that stuff? Like the, uh, laser-phaser port? Ha -- no I didn't l look at the graphic, what the hell do I care?! Ah, I'm supposed to be running a gadget blog. Touche.

Rumor Roundup: The Apple Tablet [thegreenroom] (with explanations of each feature)
Apple iTablet rumors, all wrapped up into one visual roundup [dvice]

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  • Laurent Maulin

    This year's champion will be the corean my friends, yeh i mean the Galaxy Note 3 will just smash the other tablets this fall :)

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