Jan 23 2010It Was Here When I Checked Last Night...


Funny, I could've sworn there was a porn site here...

404 Error [epicwinftw]

Thanks to Jackie, who didn't so much send a tip as me poach one off her Facebook wall.

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Reader Comments

first andrew

hahah second to

ass hat

404: Error

Humor not found

Good stuff!

Error 301: Moved permanently.

Error 406:
Not Acceptable.

... Oh, and also 417:

Expectation Failed.

Internet irl is lol

(Reader lets out unimpressed and let down sigh..shakes head in disappointment)
Come on GW, were you eating a ham sandwich on white bread with a farm fresh jersey tomato on it and a crispy green leaf of lettuce and just a lil bit of mayo to round it out and decided to proclaim out loud-
"Hey I don't feel like putting any effort at all into this post....F*** my readers." (Ham sanger NOMING ensues).

I look forward to your posts everyday (I'm 700 lbs.......& lonely) and this one was clearly a let down.

GW, As a favor to me the next post you do, please type your comments in Times New Roman font preferably size 24. I find it to be less straining and actually soothing on my beady little pig eyes.

410 Error

No longer here, click here to go to the next Starbucks...

microsoft building?

@12 you wish. in fact, so do I.


I completely agree, plus, this is one of the oldest sh!ts I've ever seen

@10 & 14 Quit your whining. If you can do any better start your own blog!

@15, You are a girl, all you do is whine and pop babies out. Go end your sad life.

@16 She's also athiest, clearly, which means she doesn't need to worry about a lake of fire if she has to kill herself to shut you up. I thought the post was good, so at the minute the post's got a love/hate ratio of 1:1. I'd call that a reasonable result, considering that it's a single post on this blog. It's like kicking the crap out of Ghandi because he was racist, or punching Guthrie Govan in the face for messing up a note.

Good stuff. I like it!

@ 10 & 14

Seriously!?! Geekologie is like free samples of ice cream at the mall. Just because you don't like the flavor you have to complain? It's freaking FREE! Plus, it gets around most websense blockers at work. AND he posts things that are more intersting than other bloggers. Win for me and most readers here. I think atheistgirl is right this time around.

@ Jaded Icon

My point is that if you are going to post something old or stupid, its better if you don't post anything.

I know Geekologie rocks, but I sincerely can not stand this just-to-fill-the-hole posts.

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