Jan 20 2010I'm Gonna Be Fat: The Mini-Cupcake Machine


There comes a time in everyone's life when they realize that cupcakes take too long to bake and you need your fix NOW. At this point you may or may not burn your face off trying to stick your head in the oven and lick the cooking batter. Enter the Mini Cupcake Maker: a device that cooks 7 little cupcakes in a scant 5 minutes. So you can spend less time waiting, and more time letting your body go. $33 takes one home. But $33 would also net you a month of gym membership. The choice is yours, but please, make the smart decision (don't forget to stock up on sprinkles and icing).

Mini Cupcake Maker [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Rebecca, who claims she loves cupcakes as much as I do. Oh really? You ever married a cupcake before, Rebecca? Exactly. Kidding, she was a tart.

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Reader Comments

My niece has something like this and I make her bake em all the time..... so good.

Mmmm... have you ever seen the "Pancake Puff" machine? Amazing.


The one on the left looks kind of like... poop.

My wife made a bunch of Sunflower Cupcakes last weekend.
They looked like this

One of the Muffins looks like it has a dog turd sitting on top of it. Mmmmm

@5 That reminds me of a game I used to play when I was a kid, called "Shit on a Stick"..... Did anyone else ever play that game? Very similar to "Shit on a Shingle", but with a slight twist.

@5 the blue turd looks tastier than the dog turd
@6 that wasn't a game Closet Nerd, your parents were cruel

@6, I'm not used to that being referred to as a game. I've only known it in the sexual context.

@7 It was a game also played with the neighborhood kids.
You just find a piece of dog shit, and get it stuck on the end of a stick, then chase people around trying to touch them with it.

It was just something to do for 'shits n giggles'...... just sayin

You guys are so right about the turd observation.

@8 hahaha!
next step is painting the moustache on her upper lip.... just sanchezin

huzzah! we can all get muffen tops with this handy device.

This device is pure evil. As if we don't already have an obesity problem.


yes please. id love this, it could sit next to my hello kitty sandwich maker. yeah, im the coolest 20 year old.

the parasites are excited when you're dead; eyes bulging ants are in your head; and all your thoughts they rot.

Better titled 'The Ultimate Munchie Machine 5000'.

The cake on the right - you know, the blue one - that's not icing. That's a clingon's poop. You can tell by the ridges.

Now, I know what you're thinking. How do I know what clingon-droppings look like?
Well, let's just say there's a reason why my penis is cut to shit and covered in blue.

... so it looks like you are trying to make a cupcake?


Marriage of cup cakes is a travesty of law. I needn't remind you that what you imply is ILLEGAL.

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