Jan 24 2010Harry Potter Section Of Universal Studios' Islands Of Adventure Coming This Spring


Maybe you already knew this because you're a Hogwarts graduate but Universal Studios is opening a Harry Potter themed section of its Islands of Adventure park in Orlando this spring. Magic! From what i can tell it's gonna be like three rides (NSFW) and twelve ridiculously overpriced restaurants and stores. Whee! (Get me a new wizard hat) Speaking of Harry Potter, you know what I saw the other day? Some grown-ass adult driving around with a 'My Parents Blatantly Hid My Hogwarts Acceptance Letter' bumper sticker on his car. So you know what I did? I honked to get his attention and then waved my own little wand at him. Yeah, it was pretty magical.

Official Site

Thanks to evan, who cast off his wizard robe and hat and was subsequently banned from all amusement parks.

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Reader Comments

it's FINALLY complete

head about this forever ago

thats ridiculous... this whole harry potter thing has gotten totally out of hand.

I went there yesterday, i managed to cast the most powerful spell I could manage.... my #2 spell... needless to say, i almost destroyed the place.

Yeah. I knew about it, Because I work there!

Omg, this site it the best thing i have seen on the internet. exept for 4chan and well, all the porn! :O

me no like harry potter, eets not literature and eets not clever. eets sheet

that larry potter kid is great. top-notch wizard, funny glasses, pulls mad ass...just great

the building are quite cute...

hrm...I wonder if they're really selling those creepy jack-in-da-boxes in that store....if so my young relatives are in for a treat. >:D

@2 I do agree, then again this is for the money...oh ho ho ho

my school is literally across the street from this, so i've been able to watch it progressively come together for the past few months. can't wait for it to open!

uh, skrew potter...

OMG i can't wait to get my uniform on and cast spells on all the staff so i don't pay for anything hmm now really thinking about i think i better take my invisibility cloak with me ;) wingardium leviosa!!!! -shut up hermione i'll spell it however i want!-

I was all excited until I realized this is Orlando, Florida.
WTF, Geekologie. Way to break a nerd-girls heart :/

Awesome! If I ever bother to go to Universal in Florida, I'll check it out.

hell yeah i knew! i already live there.

I can't wait. Don't judge me.

To tell you the truth if they made a whole section of the park (any park) like Star Wars they would probably get more traction.

It would be even MORE kick-ass if Universal could find a way to re-create the clouds so that it always looks dark and dreary in that part of the park.
BTW, I came up with that idea bitches so if anyone ever steals it in the future, I have bookmarked this Geekologie post and will be expecting BILLIONS of dollars for my idea.

Cool maybe they'll start selling those vibrating broomsticks again, they were a real hit with fans.

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