Jan 11 2010Exactly What It Sounds Like: Chick Sleeping With A Dinosaur Toy In The Back Of A Car


Now I know what you're thinking, "What in the hell about this picture warrants a post on Geekologie?" And the answer to that, my friend, is everything. DON'T QUESTION ME! Look -- a cell phone! BOOM, relevance. Oh, and I think we can all agree: that's one lucky girl.

Picture [izismile]

Thanks to gareth and Greg, who would both give their left legs to be that raptor for the remainder of the nap.

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Reader Comments

It's missing boobies


Cute :)

the dino was nutting EXACTLY when this picture was taken

I think this picture is awesome =]

Hahaha, reminds me of the three girls I have in my....trunk. Shoot. Wow, I totally spaced on that one. They probably REALLY stink now.

The damn dino is in the waaaaay!

She's naked under that lizard

Also, apart from the phone, there's geometry. Lots of it!

Ok. So granted there is a Cell Phone... Looks to be Motorola or Samsung, so we know she isn't tech savy having a pos phone. But she does have class about her, all cuddled up with a dinosaur !! ... We all know the GW loves that. But the real question at hand is...

Is she wearing a shirt or anything for that matter?

Hahahahaha !!

Yes, she is wearing a shirt or something... you can CLEARLY see it!

Its blue with some little squares on it or something...

Lucky Dino.

@6 hehehe

michael jackson thriller parties must be getting big these days, look at the jacket she's passed out on

@ Farting Dog - Dude... Quit making stuff up. Thats the Dino's blanky... Shes Nude !! ... Let a guy dream ! hahahaha


@ Max Boivin - Agreed !!! lol



I needed this to be video so I could put it on a loop and fall asleep to it. And stuff.

This pic really does warrant a pic on here. This is Geekologie worthy stuff.
Mostly because of the dinosaur/cleavage pairing.
Apology to GW, who apparently DOES read all this crap.

This was apparently taken at some sort of festival - that paper wristband speaks wonders. So, if you want to get a girl to go into your car and snuggle up next to your raptor, go to a music festival.

[Insert lewd comment here.]

she's holding my lizard where it counts.

Is it just me, or does my girlfriend suddenly look like, 15 times less hot?

Only joking. I don't have one. I have a sex robot, though.

Don't you mean, NAKED Chick Sleeping With A Dinosaur In The Back Of A Car?



That, sir or madamme, is a blanket. Let me have my own fantasy@10

Hey, that looks like my ex! I've lost to a better dino... :(

Better watch for that inter species VD. Still, a very cute girl, accented by the fact that she is clutching a Dino and not a teddy bear.......or me, sad.


lol that must of been one hell of a night!

First that Jessica Chobot post and now this? WTH this must be a crappy day in terms of quality posts on geekologie. Bleh.

So that's where GW's been. Having awesome three way sex with a smokin' hot dino and some girl in the back of a car! Well if anyone deserves it, it's him.

i wish she'd of rapt-'er something else around my something something....*bad-ooosh*

Movie poster: Bikini Girls on Dinosaur Planet

@30 Phawesome.

...and thats how the Dinoflu D1Fu was spread...

Lol. That's me.

That is my friend! She was freaked out when she saw this on here, but I think it's a cute picture! :)

There's very few time I wish I was a dinosaur...this is one of them but this time there's two meteors if you know what I mean


Excuse me, Miss? Yes, here's a raptor doll. Could you hold onto it while sleeping naked in my car? I'll just be over here in the driver's seat...not masturbating....

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