Jan 25 2010eBay: (Reproduction Of) Pee-wee's Clockey


Slow down when you read the titles, it's not what it sounds like. This a reproduction of Pee-wee's Clockey, from the hit children's (and high 20-something's) television show 'Pee-Wee's Playhouse'. I want the talking chair! *wikipedia-ing* Chairry! I want Chairry!

Have the coolest playhouse on the block! It's a one-of-a-kind, handmade paper-maché replica of Clocky from Pee-wee's Playhouse, and it is a working clock. Made to hang on a wall. It is lightweight but sturdy, it measures just under 30"x20" at its widest points. The Clocky pictured is not the exact one that the winner will receive, but it is basically the same in every way.

eBay seller (and loyal Geekologie Reader) benzbay is selling the clocks for $150, so if you're interested go scoop one up. Aaaaand if you're not interested don't scoop one up, I don't care. But you will scoop up your dog's mess if it shits in my yard OR YOU WILL BE TAZED. Fair warning, that makes it legal.

Hit the jump for two more shots and a link to the auction.




eBay Auction

Thanks to Ben, who has inspired me to get high and watch The Price is Right.

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Reader Comments

Say what you will, Pee Wee's Play house was pretty cool at the time....

What's the secret word of the day?

I also misread the first line as 'read the titties', so I think they even themselves out.


Time to spend the day watching Pee-Wee clips on youtube.

i can't lie, it looks pretty sweet, but the creep factor is pretty high too
but i'll drop some $$$ for chairy


Ha! That's fantastic. I was always partial to Penny and Globey myself though.

Remember when he cleaned up the playhouse and found Floory?

I don't remember that clock being so bloody

You know who I blame for the cancellation of Pee Wee's Playhouse? George Bush, that's who!

I'm the one that's making the Clocky's ...If the link takes you to an already sold Clocky, just search ebay for another one: 'Pee-wee Clocky' or email me at TheFlippist@gmail.com.

@12 thanks for the 411

@ 12

Fess up Ben Zurawski, you're really Paul Ruban aren't you....

I think I'm going to buy it...

...and I bought it!

Wait, how is it a "one-of-a-kind" if multiples are being made and sold?

Am I the only one that doesn't like the look on Clockey's face?
the word of the day is rape. oh noes!

I think it looks awesome!

I want to burn it.

Eeek! Due to copyright laws that I have now been made aware of...This Clocky will no longer be for sale out of respect for Paul Reubens and his ownership of this character and all related Pee-wee Herman trademarks. The only reason I was selling these was so that I could get enough money to pay for tickets, and travel expenses to see the Pee-wee Herman Live show. I have those funds now and can no longer offer this item. Thanks and I hope there is no bad blood. I love you Pee-wee!

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