Jan 4 2010Dreams Really Do Come True: 16-Year Old Boy Runs Away With 42-Year Old 'Soulmate' He Met Playing World Of Warcraft


Just look at the way she's admiring his glasses and seductively licking her finger. That's true love if I've ever seen it (and I've seen a turtle hump a sneaker).

On Tuesday evening, 16-year-old Andrew Kane nonchalantly asked his mother and father if they would drive him from their Barrie, Ont., home to a hotel in nearby Midland, where he planned to meet a 42-year-old woman with whom he had been having a secret relationship over the Internet.

The Grade 11 student was found Thursday afternoon, after his parents spent two days desperately appealing for his safe return. On Wednesday, police had released pictures of Lauri Price, a Texas mother of four who had allegedly flown to Toronto and driven a rental car to collect the teen after striking up a relationship with him while playing the popular online game.

The story is actually longer if you want to read it, but basically this kid was hoping to get his level 2 night elf dirty. That was a euphemism, FYI. For sex. Gross gross sex.

Teen found after meeting his 42-year-old online 'soulmate' [theglobeandmail]

Thanks to Jaik, who once fell in love playing a video game until he realized the chick was just AI. Then he destroyed his console and vowed to never love again. Heartbreaking.

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milf status, revoked

His eyes point in funny directions

WOW. Pun intended.

WOOF! that's a face only some one old enough to be your mother could love!

"It's my sex box!..... and her name is SONY!"

Pretty sure that is a young Dwight Schrute.

This, sadly, is probably the best thing that has happened to this kid as a result of the years he has likely poured into World of Warcraft.

wow this makes me feel good to live in Barrie alongside him....

He is a lady killer if ever I seen...

His parents knew though!

Parenting FAIL.

This reminds me of balloon boy somehow...

YAY!! I got here before gay naas which I have not seen in a while.

Hmm, well I guess he should kind of be congratulated for getting away from the game for at least a few hours.



Wow, Midland made the news!
yah for my hometown!!

I'm not saying this isn't UTTERLY FILTHY, but why the hell were the police involved? Do they arrest people in Texas for conspiracy to have disgusting sex or what?

So, she's a level 82 pedophile?


need to say mawrrr?

remember that Chris Hansen show, "To Catch A Predator" ... if this was a 42 y.o. man and a 16 y.o. girl, he'd get busted as a sex offender and spend 5 years in a federal prison

This is so wrong on so many levels.

Hmm isn't 16 the legal age? I mean double standard aside and avoiding the far too easy level ++ jokes or the where she asked him to put his special item,,, technically isnt this legal, and um gross ;)

ultimate wow win. that's how you play it.

She looks pretty cute for a mom of 4. Wonder if she's still married? Now that would be awkward!

I love WOW !!! but this is soo sad poor sexless ppl u dont hook up with children from on line games lmfao


He actually asked his parents? I think that's the best part! "Mom, dad, please drive me out of the country to a hotel where my 42 year old soulmate awaits..." god I can't imagine what the parents first thought/felt/looked >_<

You're not giving him enough credit for this masterful plan:

Step 1: Seduce older woman on teh internets
Step 2: Steal account password after sechs
Step 3: Ninja her guild bank
Step 4: Brag about it all in [2: Trade] channel

id hit it

Hahahaha oh man, this brings back memories.

When I played WoW (aka the bad ol' days), I had a 40 y.o. guild member who'd started r'ships with THREE other guildies, while her hubby was also in the guild. And two of her boytoys were under 18. Awesome.

So many nerds, so little time.

If she cheats on him, will he spend hours on end screaming at the monitor...STOP BETRAYING ME!!!!!

My friends and I went to Borderds day before yesterday- and there was some guy parked next to us waaaay at the back of the lot, stealing Borders' WiFi and playing World of Warcraft. He was still there when we left 2 hours later.

@15 He was the age of consent, but her whisking him away into the sunset could still be technically considered kidnapping, even if he had ran away first.

But still... all of this could have been avoided if the parents had done some dang parenting from the get go. I mean, if the kid isn't going to school or interacting with real life because of a computer game, then you get rid of the computer & the computer game. Of course, this would eat into their "me" time.

And you certainly don't help this behavior out by giving the kid his own personal laptop.

I have crossed oceans of time to be with you... approximately 20-25 years

If this kid spent half as much time learning to meet girls as he probably does playing World of Warcraft he wouldn't have fallen in love with the first [middle-aged, mother of four, ugly] woman who showed him attention.

If you actually read the the entire article it's quite humorous. Evidently, his parents brought him to counseling for his WoW addiction and after a month of progress the psychologist suggested his computer priveleges be reinstated and (shocker) he relapsed. I hope they fired that guy...hey, congratulations for making it through AA...here's a fifth of Jack to celebrate!

wtf how can a 42 year old woman be playing world of warcraft and run off with a school boy she is a blatant peedo omg thats somebody's mom fair play lol o_O


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@31 Don't knock it till you try it
Also I doubt you have friends.

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