Jan 28 2010Citing Geekologie In A Craigslist Dating Ad


Generally isn't a good idea. UNLESS YOU'RE TRYING TO MEET THE AWESOMEST WOMEN IN THE WORLD! Now I know what you're thinking, and no, this isn't me. I don't live in Alaska and I've been petitioning Craigslist for 'Man Seeking Dino' listings for years now (bigots!). So, which one of you is this? And, more importantly, has the ad been pulling any geeky ladies? I know for a fact it's at least gotten a few responses from a guy pretending to be different women. *tee hee hee!*


Thanks to Jackie, who may or may not have responded to the ad. Oh yeah, Jackie? Well so did I.

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FIRST!! YAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!

@1 Douche

LMAO love it. it would be a riot to see the responses he got. You gotta wonder, ya know?

The Geekologie writer's mom is really getting desperate. Looks like she took matters into her own hands because wants he basement back.

Of course the bar scene has run dry in BFE Alaska, there's probably only the same four slag-ass patrons at any given time for any bar up there. Isn't Palin's daughter single now?

EPIC WIN! I for one am a loyal fan GW.

It couldn't be you GW, he said NOT an obese loser who still lives with his mother

geekologie just keeps making the sexy.

@ MFER - lmao. right?

Anyone who has to write "I'm a pretty interesting person" in their Internet dating ad generally isn't one. Trufax. (And thank God I don't have to date any more.)

Anyone else getting the following warning on this website?

"The website at www.geekologie.com contains elements from the site clickambo.com, which appears to host malware – software that can hurt your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that contains malware can infect your computer.
For detailed information about the problems with these elements, visit the Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page for clickambo.com.
Learn more about how to protect yourself from harmful software online."

I keep getting this in Google Chromium (for linux) this morning... strange. First time this has ever happened on this website. What's up, GW?

*sigh* I check in almost every day to get my daily laugh from Geekologie and this morning was no different except I get to see a Craigslist ad from some dork in my town.

Of course, this makes me wonder if the ad was placed by someone I know. I imagine I'll have to investigate.

@#5: Even if Palin's daighter is single, who cares? And the bar scene NEVER goes dry up here. This state is full of a bunch of drinking fools. If there's anything most folks know how to do up here, it's drinking themselves stupid.

What's more annoying - the person who comments, "FIRST!" or the next comment telling the "FIRST" commenter that they're a douche, loser, dumbass, etc.?

@camron don't blame geekologie for your late nite forays onto the diseased parts of the internet... so what's your fetish? you don't get that kind of stuff from regular porn.

If I were old enough for them, I would respond. Too bad that would be illegal. But seriously, this is the kind of guy I think would be the absolute sexiest thing in the world...the only thing I would ever want is to date a "non-obese or living with his mother" geek.

Won't someone just shoot me preferably in the face.

Isn't referencing Geekologie like having a stead supply of Geek Spanish Fly?

Is it me or the PERSON didn't say it's gender ?



well i have beeen looking for a place to share this so here you go
http://panamacity.craigslist.org/sys/1549541548.html almost as nerdy and as creepy

@14, Sarah

Necrophilia :'(

that guy sounds really nerdy actually.
and @18 Spounz, he says "not an obese loser who lives with his mother" so he does mention it once

@18 it is in the "male seeking female" sections..... err go it is a male.... just sayin

Geekologies and Skis? I think I just found my soul mate.

@15 Which makes me wonder how YOU look, seeing as how low your standards are.....just sayin

@11 nope it's actually because you have spyware. Scan your comp.


I hope GW did leave a few replies like he said.


Highly doubtful. I am using a Linux machine.

I've always wanted to go to Alaska, maybe I'll answer the add. I mean what if I get lucky n he's the rare breed of nerd... sexi, smart and hot.

Hope it works out for the kid, usually people on craigslists are total weirdos

I'd be interested if my heart didn't already belong to the GW himself.

All of us Alaska nerds are smart, sexi, and hot. It's the beer that does it. And the raindeer sausage.
Also, check out Chilcoot Charlie's website at koots.com

So I guess the GW decided to start dating, it's about time! But is the free advertising really necessary?

@13 That sounds like the speak of a firstard to me.

@20 LMAO!!!
"Will to trade a nice computer for lots of girls lingerie and bras and underwear its value is 400 "
this is a good one... ajajajja

I can understand how the guy feels, but on the female perspective. I find it hard to find guy with similar interests who doesn't live in their parents basements, are not overweight, and does not have a neck beard.

They all have neck beards *SOBS*

If he didn't get any responses, I bet he has now. It's likely half the people that read the article had the inclination to reply to it.

geekologie isnt only a site - its a lifestyle hehe - i love it - but im only halfway geek ( hmm lets say 20%)
great expressions - smart views - wish i cd get more Ideas of - Keep on doin the very same way - i rarely laugh my cheeks off like here - my 6th sense of humor : )

@38, wow, are you sucking the GW dick or something?

"That website is intense." LOL

G-dub makes me laugh, but intense he's not.

Didn't know there were so many people from Alaska reading Geekologie.

Ha I posted that ad like 3 weeks ago. What took so long!
But really it didn't work no nerdo women in the AK.
Damn guess no Halo head... XD

I heard that Lady Gaga appeared on a dating community ***WealthySeeker.c0m ** with a personal account there. ???????

he must be too busy getting laid to read the website and see his posting.

If you're serious about finding a geeky/nerdy girl over the internet, then you need to stop shopping at craigslist. Seriously bro, spend as least a little money on an official dating site, some are even tailored to geeks.

If you're expecting a woman to believe that you're not living in you're mother's basement then you're going to have to make the effort.

Wait, the Geekologie guy is single?

I make my own Batgirl underwear and buy my own drinks. Single malt. Just sayin'.

I grew up in Alaska. Want to meet a geeky girl? Leave Alaska.

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