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You've Gotta Be Kidding Me: My Life Is Twilight


So there's a new website out there that's similar to fmylife, but instead of people talking about how much their lives suck, it's a bunch girls talking about how much their lives are like Twilight, which is even sadder. Some examples:

Today I asked my boyfriend if he would hold ice to his lips for a minute before he kissed me, so I could pretend I was kissing Edward. He did. MLIT

by Rachel - Love - Your life is SO Twilight! (94) - Not so much Twilight.. (18)

Today I was wearing my twilight t-shirt at the store. This pale guy with topaz eyes came up to me and said: "Say it. Say it out loud." I squeled, and said "Vampire. How old are you?' he said, "17. I've been 17 for awhile." It was so cool! MLIT.

by Scramble - My Life - Your life is SO Twilight! (52) - Not so much Twilight.. (7)

WOW. Oooh, I've got one:

Today I was hopping around the forest, munching some carrots, you know -- the usual, when some glittery asshole killed me so he could drink my blood. WTF JERK?! MLIT.

by Peter Rabbit - My Life - Your life is SO Twilight! (1,593) - Not so much Twilight.. (2)

Feel free to write your own after the jump. Or, you can write a MLIG (My Life is Geekologie) if you want, I'm not stopping you.

My Life Is Twilight

Thanks to Jocelyn, who keeps her relationships with wolves are strictly platonic.

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  • Wish you did have a MLIG site, GW. I see my fair share of great princess, Hello Kitty, and Star Wars news. You also balance it out with a ton of apocalyptic prophecy, NSFW, and egocentric bragging which always comes up as true on the GW wiki.

    I took a picture of a blinged-out Sanrio bracelet. MLIG.

  • Aliya Flynn

    Hahahahahaha how about this one

    "This morning I went to the bathroom to take a shit and it had glitter in it... oh wait thats blood, I might have colon cancer but my life is still so twilight ><" -Edward Colon

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