Dec 8 2009That's Not Art!: Creepy Singing Android Heads

This is a piece of "art" by a really sucky artist that I can't even believe even has the gall to CONSIDER themselves an artist. The piece is for sale at the Art Basel gallery in Miami Beach. The asking price? $75,000. I'd rather eat shit!

The heads are connected to servos behind the mold of the artist's face that are controlled by a computer. The movements and sound are on a 15 minute loop and both sing together and uncomfortably look around the room individually. VEEEERY CREEEPY.

Very creepy is right! Also, I'm still pissed this is considered art. I mean, come on now. I'm so frustrated right now I could song a few bars myself. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA. Just like angels, I know.


Thanks to Spikey DaPikey, naas, Grillonic, Michael and Cpt. Awesome, who are gonna pool their money to buy the piece and burn it name a star after me.

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No, they're not robots at all, They're REAL HEADS. Who makes these things? I want to be friends with them so I can get one and let it gaze out of my bedroom window to scare away thieves. (my blog) =)

wow check out Megan fox on the superficial

the right one looks like jim norton

Speeking of art, check out post 43's view on it in this article. God damn i hate that guy, he's such a c*nt.

also, hawt.

@Extraaabsorbant, you know that GW is praying for it, right? ...

can they suck ur dick? if so im all for it


You'd be literally shocked after you insert mate ;) (my blog) =)

It is art.
The human heads are saying "Freedom" (i think) and they are bound to the robotic body.
Its an art of irony.

I couldn't tell what they were singing in the beginning
What is this? I don't even

@8 for future reference if you want to post a link to a comment like that, just click on the number of the comment from the original post(in this case, 43) then copy the URL after clicking that number

Anyone who follows that link will have comment #43 at the top of their screen..... Just a friendly helper.... that is all

wow, ew. now, the silicon face skins are very well done, but the concept is just bleh. creepy, yes. creative, i suppose so. do i want one? do not want.

Yeah, that's not creepy at all...
So that's what counts as art these days? If that's the case I'll never be one of the hip, young cool people considering I prefer to just put a scale model of a Imperial Star Destroyer Mk II on my bookshelf and call it art.

Did I just out myself as the guy with a major interest in SW ships? Oh, crap...

futuramaish, without the jars. Someone shaved Nixons head, that's what I thought

que feo

is it a pleasure model?

I think they're screaming for freedom, they weren't meant to sing! D:
"FREEDOM. FREEDOM. FREEEEE-DOOM." Calling for the Braveheart of robot-kind!

@15 Thank you so much, you've made my day. Smiley faces for you good sir :) :) :)

Doesn't the middle one look like Bush?

Ugh, the wandering eyeballs.

the fifth La should be smaller than the fourth.

That's really seriously weird, and pretty disgusting... Which is no doubt what the artist intended.


@ 23

I think you need your eyes checked....

$75,000 dollars......It's a wonder that "artists" can even survive in reality. REAL artists become graphic designers.....

Did anyone else here play They Hunger?

Talking heads was an 80s band....... just sayin

Art is defined by intent. Whether it's good or not is held up to each individual. I just think this is creepy....and sad that it's considered art....

what a loser. the pirates of the caribbean ride did it better over 50 years ago.

I couldn't tell what the hell they were doing over all the hooting and hollaring from the TV viewers. But it did sound like they were singing in chipmunk voices or something.

Probably more white trash hillbilly engineering. The douche who made them couldn't be bothered to tell the a$$hole roomates to f*cking turn off their TV so he could demonstrate the heads. Or was too dumb to set them up in his own room away from distractions.

Reminds me of the batman Go-Kart with the plans for sale on Ebay. The guy put all that work into creating it, and then posted a douchey video of him having to get out and push the kart around. Yeah like anyone will be interested in that.

Good luck with your chipmunk singing, not loud enough to hear over the TV talking heads. And good luck redneck engineers everywhere!

Other than that, creepy heads, kinda cool, but crappy execution/demonstration...

Who would like an invite to Send me your request to


How artistic. NOT. A true artist would've used real human faces.

hmmm... is this a work by Kenneth Feingold? I reckon it might be

i would totally have them reenact that scene from Python's "Holy Grail" with the three headed giant, and i would be Sir Robin, for no reason whatsoever...

Do you just type stuff like "android", "dinosaur" and "superamazingpeopleeatingninja" into youtube to find these things? :)

how are you not gonna make them sing bohemian rhapsody

welcome you to choose

also, hawt.

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