Dec 15 2009Oooh, I Like: Strongbad Christmas Ornaments


Lovely (and skilled) Geekologie Reader AverageGeekGirl went and made a little set of Strongbad Christmas ornaments for the holidays. For those of you whose parents just signed up for high-speed internet today, that's Trogdor (The Burninator), Strongbad and The Cheat. Now I don't think they're cookies, but I would definitely still nibble Trogdor anyways. Just look at that arm -- so strong.


Thanks to AverageGeekGirl, who better keep an eye on Trogdor lest he burn down the tree. And no tree = no Christmas. Santa's rules.

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Reader Comments

Strongbad rocks!!! Homestar Runner.


Where's the Homestar runner, Marzipan, Coach Z, and Strong sad ornaments???

There is no limit people will go for them to be able to celebrate a holiday with the people and the things they like. I think it's awesome :) I want some too!


GW, what are you doing up so early? did Naas keep you up all night again?

cool ornaments, never heard of them before though...

I haven't looking at HSR since high school and I've been out of college for 2 years. It looks like nothing has changed though.


That's some pretty hot Strong Bad lovin' if I do say so myself... and I do.... say so myself.

oh, @ 6:

Go to it'll change your freakin' life, man!

Never even heard of Strongbad..... just sayin

I applied to be a professor at CGNU* - wonder how long it takes to get tenured for "Sending me a Dollar" courses.

*art test is only so we can make fun of you

Oh and Strong Bad looks like he was on "the rack" for a LONG time, but was really happy about it!

But I just can't get over those 'spinities'... those are some extra-consummate V's!

hs: "Hey guys, wacha doing?"
SB "oh nothing, just looking at this thing in a bag!"

@ 8

Thanks for the tip. I have heard of it but never went to find out what it was about...

So yea, being featured on here makes today about the proudest day of my life. MLIG. ^.^

Where is all of Trogdor's majesty?

I can make this. What's the big deal?

@6 you have no idea hehe
@9 the system is down, the system is down
@14 ftw
@16 someone else beat you to it

OMG I freakin want those man!! Especially The Cheat!!! Just need homestar!


Nice work on the beefy arm

Burninating the countryside,
Burninating the peasants,
Burninating all the peoples,
And the thatched-roof COTTAGES!!!!

(in best SB voice)You just keep doing your thing man

OMG i NEED the Trogdor one! Several actually. The burninator!

But I just can't get over those 'spinities'... those are some extra-consummate V's!..

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