Dec 15 2009OMG: Fan-Made Feature Length Zelda Movie

Remember when IGN made a fake Zelda trailer as an April Fools joke? That was some cruel shit. But now a group of Zelda fans (myself excluded) went and made a feature length (1 hour and 48 minutes!!) movie called 'The Hero Of Time'. This is just the trailer here, but the whole thing is posted after the jump. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? If you answered, "watching a 2 hour movie on the clock", you are! *high five!* Not you, the man -- we're sticking it to you!

Hit the jump for the full-length feature. And bring popcorn.

Official Site
Daily Motion

Thanks to Heather, jim, Venort, Christine, martin, Jared and Tingle, who watched the whole thing hoping for a sex scene. Wait, there isn't one?!?!

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Reader Comments

@ GW

You were involved too? What did you do for the film?

@ myself


I usually skip vidoes, but I'm SOOOOO looking this one up when I get home!!


He said EXCLUDED!!!I I got a Dic-tionary for you, want it?

just what the world needs. more lords of the rings-kids. where are all the flesh eating robots when you need them?



But is it as good as The Legend of Neil:


awesome! and as for the flesh eating robots, I burned them. then nuked them beofore SkyNet could get us. *whew!*

Found it last night and diiiieeeeddd :)

looks interesting
i will prolly get high as fuck and catch this tonight(pre-requisite for all fantasy flicks IMO)

i simply don't have the goron-sized gonads to openly watch this shit here at the office
that fucking ign trailer had me going too man!

I blogged about this quite some time ago, and it looks like crap.

You folks seem to love all things Zelda related. I'm gonna have to get into it and see what it's all about.

i agree but good effort.
i dont want to ever see a zelda movie made. never ever ever ever never ever

eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww :S

@14 I read your blog about it some time ago, agreed

DAMN YOU WEBSENSE! I want to watch this!



I made a movie once..... but my wife doesn't want me to put it on the internet.... just sayin


This site gets some of the most stuid ass comments ever.



What's Zelda?


gay link? oO

this looks way too dramatic for zelda, to me and many people i know, TLoZ games are supposed to be fun, quirky adventures with interesting characters. this looks like a lame, overdramatic, super-serious and overall boring story.
make a fun zelda movie that isnt a soap opera.

also, the beginning reminds me of Turok 2


Gotta admire the time and effort they put into it...but meh.

...and horrible british accents don't turn fanfic into Shakespeare, kids.

EPIC FAIL - This movie has ruined Zelda for me.

I might watch it just for the laugh

wow looks like they put a lot of sweat into that. im not into zelda, but way to go..that took a lot of effort.

on a side note the quality looks about the same or better than the syfy specials haha.. and these are just a bunch of fans... syfy look out!

Ohh myy, this looks pretty cheesey, but hell its LOZ so I dont even care, I look forward to watching this!

Awesome, super-hero Sunday is back!

If they actually made a movie, it'll just be as bad as twilight. They can only save that movie by throwing in a talking wooden alligator. :P

@24...hrm...yeah....true, but some are funny

If I pretend it's a movie from the 80s, the bad production values will seep away.

I can't believe I sat through the whole thing. It was worse than I imagined. The only goron in the story is some fat asian dude in a sweater and sweat pants.

Link is always left handed. I saw him masturbate. these people fail.

Looks like Whorecraft.

I hope this is good. That April Fool's thing was the cruelest shit ever. I was very excited for a good 45 minutes until I thought about the date. ARSEHOLES.


This looks really good for a fan-made movie. Its going to be hard to take Ganon seriously though since he looks like Ben Stiller.

This movie sucked both my balls. The actors were horrible and the story was boring as shit..

@24 god dam this made me laugh so hard after reading the comments

@24 & 37 seriously though are you kiddin me?! they are the conan o'brien after the jay leno!

(no wait, conan's the funnier one... so they're the leno after- ahh you get the picture)

Yeah, I prefer the clean consistent look of Legend of Neil.

This trailer looks kinda all over the place, some good looking shots, then a lame shot, then bad acting, then some good acting. Is that Link wearing eyeliner? I might watch it and giggle while also cringing.

Even the IGN was kinda gross looking.

to all you guys saying that movie sucked, you can just sod off.. that was fucking AWESOME

Youre a bad influence GW, totally just watched it at work, = MONIES AND ZELDA

Yeah, I don't know what the people who left angry comments watched, but the move I saw was epic.

@ Greg: oh i know, right?

i still can't get over how perfectly the actor for Ganon fit the part. it was incredible

@ lolwut, Yeah he played his part really well, very sinister :D I also thought the special effects were pretty well done too, considering this was an indie production.

The saddest part is the trailer is over 9000 times better than the IGN one.

Looks a lot better than some of the shit the BBC put out.
Looking at you 'Da Nu Robin Hood(ie)'

Was absolutely incredible (by armature film standards) Id say overall a 9.5 out of 10.


Ganondorf made me totally wet. Who'd have thought that someone with a mouth bigger than Steven Tyler could be that hot?!

The cinematography and special effects hearken back to the Dragon Strike movie. Anyone? Anyone?

well, i understand that this feature won't be the perfect one, but i admire so badly the effort of these fans...
im a big fan of zelda (ocarina of time, mainly) and most of the parts showed on this trailer were good ones, parts that i would wanna see in a zelda movie. i got happy for see it... and i know that any zelda movie wouldn't be enough for me, but i like to see the people trying to do it!
and, this time.. link is a blond guy!

Man I had hopes for this but the trailer was so bad I couldnt even finish it. And thats saying a lot for me. This just looks like a Lord of the Rings interpritation of Zelda. Like someone said....toooooo dramatic. And, while I agree that the effort put into this is pretty great, some of the green screen shots look like SHIT!!!!!!!

I really wanted to like this. I thought I was watching porn until they never got naked.

Not the best movie out there, but very very good for a bunch of fans doing this! MAD props to the efforts and hard work these people put into it. I hope to see more!

Why did they leave out the "Everything Is Terrible" watermark on the vid?

That movie looks lame, why is there an adult link when there should be a young link?

A troll? Black Haired Zelda? It looks like a great effort, but we all know that ganondorf got into the sacred realm because link disappeared 7 years, link was too young to wield and control the master sword.

Just judging by the trailer the movie looks like Dragon Ball evolution

I'd love it, except for the fact that it likely sucks dick.

I saw this trailer ages ago and I totally admire the fans for it, but seriously? Come on. No.

Wow... I just finished watching the video. Very, very good for fans having made it. I was surprised by some of the graphics. It must have taken loads of time to make this!

Great Job!!!

Hercules: The Legendary Journey never looked better. Oh wait..

@ 5

Looks like your a day late and a dollar short......and you penis is small, you also smell bad......

i got to Ganon's first monologue when hes observing hyrule through the window, not too bad i guess, would be much better watchin with fellow fans and maybe having some drinks or passing a doobie around
i dont really like the guy playing link, or his terrible wig so thats a big problem
if they couldn't maintain bad english accents then they shouldn't have tried
hyrule is not england

all that being said, it's not entirely unwatchable and i'll probly finish when i can score better dope

since we're watching game related cheese

^^^ this is actually a very well done metal gear fan-flick, guy who does snake is not half bad
i think GW may have posted about it awhile back, but i cant remember

wow it wasn't perfect but I still loved it. From an avid fan of everything zelda this truely made my day. I started playin ocarina of time right after I watched it. Definitly a good watch..

oh yeah why were all the girls horney in this..even zelda wanted his nuts. wait aren't they brother and sister?haha

@ 99:00

when z-targeting fails!

@ 99:22

c'mon link! R is shield!

Things that make this movie fail :

1 - Link is left handed.
2. - Whose the chick that follows him ? The only help he really got was from Shiek and that was a 'guy'. *Spoiler* If you played the game you knew that it actually wasn't a guy but it was in fact Princess Zelda.
3. - Link is suppose to be handsome. This guy isn't. xD

@72- How can people not know that Link is supposed to be left handed? :*(. Go lefties! :D

Story was epic! i didn't think it would be the best production but link was a terrible actor (same facial expression thoughout the entire movie) Whether he was suppose to be scared, serious, or angry he had the same exact dumbfounded confused look on his face.. Zelda was a great actress, and the direction needed a little work, however he did good with the what he had to work with.

I'm a die hard zelda fan, but Link? The dude looks like a dirty emo kid, with a bad bleach job, and even worse attempt at an accent. Put a little effort into it...Nobody likes a dirty emo kid.

@73 actually link was only left handed in the cartoon he has always been right handed throughout all the games

if there wasent any blood
and they had better actors
they would have released this
a true zelda fan would enjoy this
they need to make majoras mask!

besides the sumo goron, the only other thing that bugged me are how shiek looked like a girl, and how they didn't have pointy ears.

oh, and definitely want to be stoned for it.

Link is always left handed. I saw him masturbate. these people fail...

Ok ... first off, I stopped reading what all of you were saying after post thirty, but I can assume, this being the internet, that various flame wars, spam inundations, and butthurt dramagasms ensued shortly thereafter. So shut up and listen to me.

This goes to all of the Zelda hatefest people who irradiated this post with their stupidion particles (at LEAST 50 roentgens per post -- hazmat may be needed) -- Shut. Up. Because this post clearly talked about Zelda. So, if you hate it, why're you reading it and watching it? Is there a BrowserNinja(tm) with his katana firmly against your throat going "Watch-u Zelda! Hai!"? Certainly not. You watched it, and cannot unwatch it, and it was all by your own volition. So complain at a mirror.

To all the people slamming the movie (the ones I really want to level with) - Ok. The actign was pretty bad. The writing was very fanfiction, and sure, the sets and cinematography were questionable. But ... aren't you the same people who will spend hours on youtube? YOUTUBE. And you have the gall to trash the quality of this. They had no budget, they're all teenagers and twenty somethings, and they tried very hard, and for an unlicensed, non-funded production, they did a very good job. The effects were at the worst 1999's premium made for TV CGI ... that's pretty damn good for a bunch of British kids. One of you said "It's better than SciFi (sorry I REFUSE to call them "SyFy" for fear of loss of synapses to attrition).". Absofuckinglutely it was. I mean. Come on. Mega. Piranha. ... compared to that, this was a fucking Oscar-worthy performance!

As a man, I have to also point out: Girl who played Zelda - Yummy. Girl who played his adopted mom - EQUALLY so.

Now, I can't comment on how Zelda this Zelda movie was, the last one I played was for the SNES (also the last system I ever owned and ever will - I quit gaming in 1996). But I know how happy the more diehard Zelda fans must be to have even a band aid after the cruelty that prank inflicted upon them. As a diehard 8 & 16-Bit Mario geek, I remember ... that ... movie ... (... promised my therapist I wouldn't cry anymore ... I ... I'm sorry ...). So, come on, quit being those cantankerous muppets in the balcony and give these kids and their real audience a break. Someday you too may put something on the interwebtubes, and I bet you'll cry when people vivisect your project verbally on awesome sites like Geekologie. Glass house. Mirrors. Proverbs.

I don't really care about what all you dipshits' opinions are. This is a FANMADE movie. Cherish it, shitheads. We're all fans and these guys who produced the movie did it to show their devotion to the Legend of Zelda and to also show what they're capable of. So what, if you think they suck? So what, if you think this movie sucks? And so what if you think Zelda sucks (If you do, fuck you)? We're all Zelda fans and we should be more focused on the REAL producers of Zelda not what your useless bullshit means to this movie. The movie is not official and is NO way associated with Nintendo or whatsoever. But just be fucking proud that there were a bunch of people who spent their time, money, sweat and blood to do this.

But I don't really give a damn because Zelda fucking rocks.

Let's just hope that a real Hollywood producer would stand up as our messiah. :D

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