Dec 17 2009Man Builds Himself A Steampunk Camera


Howard Boys (that's the guy's name, not like the Hardy Boys) went and made himself a functional steampunk camera. This is it. It looks old and takes pictures. Just like your grandparents on vacation!

Howard Boys took things old school with this camera that he created himself out of soldered brass. Howard purchased the lens and the shutter and built the rest.

Nice, Howard -- or should I call you Mr. Boys? Yeah, that's pretty creepy, I'm gonna stick with Howard. Well, Howard, not to toot my own horn develop my own film or anything, but one time I made a camera out of a Quaker Oats canister. So, who's the master photographer now? Just sayin', I wasn't arrested during that Victoria's Secret catalog shoot for no reason.

Steampunk Camera: Guy Builds Own Camera Body [uberreview]

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that's the steamy sound I hear when I see something steampunk, sometimes at higher frequencies than others depending on how big whatever I'm look at is

This looks neither steamy nor punk to me.... I declare this.... a TOTAL FAIL!

This is not really worth mentioning... I mean if the guy did it for the hell of it cool, but why the hell should we care??? Unless your into Electronics made to look like its from the late 1800's. I agre with @4, its NOT operated by steam so there for it is not "Steam Punk".

@4 SP doesn't usually look punk, so I declare your declaration..... a HALF FAIL!

@5 SP isn't operated by steam, it mocks an era of machines that did.... HALF FAIL!

@3 ".......depending on how big whatever I'm look at is"
just sayin

@6, @7 The sum of @4 + @5 = FAIL to the power of them.

I'm glad he didn't just glue a bunch of gears on it and call it steampunk. This actually looks pretty legitimate.

Me+Nass+Closet Nerd = Awesome.


Steampunk, by definition, is fail.

I am going to build an actual steam engine powered skull fucking machine and I will have a team of oxen drag it over to the first-tards house for the trial run. I will stand near it with a top hat and monocle. As it fires up and begins thrusting I will exclaim, FIRST!

As in the my steam powered skull fucking machine is the first to penetrate Trioxin's skull. Get it?


Missed one.

@10 I'll drink to that!

@10 look what you did to Ollie...

@10 I think you better give him one of these..... and say sorry

@10 before you get one of these.....

awwww, linkfail


@naas, I stand corrected. But still unimpressed with this camera.

I am much more impressed with this

I'm Sorry Ollie. I was never very good at Math. Let's try this again

LSDiesel + Nass + Closet Nerd + Ollie Williams = Twilight-themed Orgy.

Wait, that doesn't seem right either....

@18, 19 nice, that laptop is some HQSP right there. Unarguably though it doesn't run on steam... The camera is ghettopunk compared to that laptop though, no argument there

@20 no twilight, I can't do twilight.... the gay orgy part is fine though's been awhile since Ollie's had one of his mouth parties anyways, even before it started getting cold outside

@15 I thought you were gonna say he should give Ollie one of these (a hand job)...... just sayin

@24 I'm sorry I haven't seen that link yet, youtube wants me to create an account before viewing it & I haven't done that yet

I tried finding it through Google by searching "hand job video" and i got a lot of interesting results..... but i found the source where I saw it first.

I'm going to make a steampunk turd in the toilet. This shit is terrible.

I so want.

Professor Layton helped him with this one.

I thought the whole point of Steampunk was to refashion modern-day electronic devices to look as though they existed in the Victorian era. Why this "Steampunk camera" is a legitimate failure is that the Victorians, y'know, already HAD cameras. And those cameras looked way cooler that this thing.

@26, I'm so glad I clicked that link. That was hilarious.

HA, 2 handjobs for $5!!!!

@30. Thank you. End of story, everyone.


Hii Guy's,
I mean if the guy did it for the hell of it cool, but why the hell should we care??? Unless your into Electronics made to look like its from the late 1800's.

We could just call him Ho Bo instead of Mr boys (pedophile) or Howard (Retard)...


I am much more impressed with this

Sharing good health in your hands.

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