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Man Builds Himself A Steampunk Camera


Howard Boys (that's the guy's name, not like the Hardy Boys) went and made himself a functional steampunk camera. This is it. It looks old and takes pictures. Just like your grandparents on vacation!

Howard Boys took things old school with this camera that he created himself out of soldered brass. Howard purchased the lens and the shutter and built the rest.

Nice, Howard -- or should I call you Mr. Boys? Yeah, that's pretty creepy, I'm gonna stick with Howard. Well, Howard, not to toot my own horn develop my own film or anything, but one time I made a camera out of a Quaker Oats canister. So, who's the master photographer now? Just sayin', I wasn't arrested during that Victoria's Secret catalog shoot for no reason.

Steampunk Camera: Guy Builds Own Camera Body [uberreview]

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