Dec 11 2009Mmmm, Paint Fumes: Wicked Metroid Graffiti


Samus Aren, arguably the sexiest thing with a cannon for an arm (toss up between Mega Man), is looking good here on what may or may not be the bathrooms in the rear of a gas station (it's actually an art store). Created by artist Allen Hampton, you can tell she's about to PEW her way right through that jellyfish and blast Bowser there into another dimension. Do I know my video games or what?

Hit the jump for three closeups of the piece.




Allen Hampton's Webpage
Insane Metroid Graffiti [albotas]

Thanks to Michael, who I totally have pictures of trying to make out with the wall. Dude, she doesn't even have her helmet off.

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Reader Comments

Thats some mighty fine pewing right there

Bravo Allen - bravo


as a huge Metroid fan, i mah fckin approve of this graffiti message.

Why can't more graffiti be like this!?!? Big art, less scribbles, (genitals have their own place)
Bad F***ing Ass!!!!

Bowser?!?!?! I know you well enough to know your joking.. or at least I hope so, or i'll send some robots to castrate you while you sleep! That is Kraid!! Kraid!! I say!

and sorry to double boom but

CMON GW it's SAMUS ARAN! not Aren.

I am a huge metal fan.

it's aran, DAMN YOU GW

lol ^ ^ ^ Fan boy rage.


did GW SERIOUSLY JUST COMPARE SAMUS, "Arguably the sexiest thing with a cannon," TO THAT MOFO ROBOT MEGAMAN?!?!?! GW needs to go to therapy and find out where his loyalty REALLY lies. G'DAY TO YOU, SIR!

Happy Channukah! Mazel Tov!


Tennist, you know Samus is a girl right? Oh wait, you never beat Metroid did you?? OH SnApP

I came to correct the spelling of Samus' last name (Aran not Aren). But, I see that others have already pointed it out. Oh well.

thanks pat!

@12 I think Tennist was refering to the fact that Megaman is a sentient robot... with a cannon for an arm... dayum thats scary...

@15, thank you for clarifying my argument while I was away.

@12, shut the fuck up, mother fucker, I have no clue wtf you are even arguing about, and for your info.... no, I never did beat metroid, but I have a basic knowledge of the series. So yes, I do know that Samus is a girl.

Dats coo! Also see "Superhero Alley" :

Wow, after reading these comments, I kind of feel like a douchebag just for being someone else who reads this page. Is everyone so completelyl retarded that they actually get upset that you misspelled something or don't say the right name for the f@cking GRAFITTI CARTOON ART CHARACTER? Holy Bajeezus

@GW you forgot Barret.

@18 this isn't just some "f@cking GRAFITTI CARTOON ART CHARACTER"


= =.....A little queasy

paul smith

the arm cannon is on teh wrong arm :/

JGCrackerass I totally feel that.
I'm a massive metroid fan, but even I felt like phoning Chuck Norris and getting him to roundhouse kick all of you.

That's right, me and Chuck are like THIS.

You guys do know that this is a sub for GW. I think he took a sabatical or something. Who knows, may be a new GW altogether. The last GW would not think Megaman (robot) is sexy......just saying.

Mmmm very good..

@ 22

Wow! That's funny, it is. I didn't even notice. Still doesn't detract from the masterful touch of the piece. Bravo!

Metroid Grafitti? I'd Love some, Thank you!

Seriously though. This is probably the most badass thing I will see all week.
I love how the detailing on samus is really sharp and realistic, But it's all 8-bit-
Box art- looking on Kraid. I really dig.

That's graffiti?!

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