Dec 9 2009Impressive: Kid Makes Beercan Tab Chain Mail


Knight Neversmiles of the Round Beerpong Table here went and made himself a coat of chain mail armor out of pull-tabs from beer cans. Although there may have been some pop-tops in there too, that wouldn't surprise me. Anyway, he did a good job but there's just no way you can look like a hard-ass wearing chainmail made out of pull-tabs. I mean I could, but I'd also....

fill your eyes with that laser vision!
no disguise for my laser vision
ooh, when it gets through to you, it's always new to you
my laser vision gets the best of you!

F*** yeah Foreigner. Not you, Frenchie!

Hit the jump for a bunch of close-ups.





Beercan Tabs Chainmail Armor [sadanduseless]

Thanks to reado, who once made a suit of armor out of Capri-Sun pouches.

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Reader Comments

I am interested in closeups...


that must have required quite a bit of drinking. approved!

Wow this is kool :D

His noble, yet demonic steed sits in the background

Top 10

I fart in your general direction!

You sons of a silly person! Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt, OF ELDERBERRIES!

Absolute Win

Goddamn, fuck the Edmonton Eskimos.

Cool idea! Shitty execution. Seriously look at this kid, he obviously has no girlfriend


He has scene it for xbox.

Theres a card store I go to that had a picture of him and a box that that sis tabs for dwarven charity, I'm proud to say I contributed at least 1 of those tabs.

Go Esks Go

claymore to his chest? yes please!

Wow, if that's not OCD at its best, I don't know what would be.

AFTER EIGHT peppermint chocolates!!! what a classy fellow. a proper chocolatesman.

If only i was him!

dig the gauntlet!
he made that with normal rings too. he prob knows how to make real chainmail as well!

Good. Now make a bulletproof vest out of the cans. Bet it wont work.

i would pay a hundred dollars to take my vote or obama back.

das a lotta hooch

I see an N64 in the BG

he must be part of the knight's table that made the TABLE BE ROUND.

Should have been the stampeders. Tougher to make a horse than a 2 "E"'s. But since this is coming from edmonton I'm surprised he could spelled at all.

It'll protect against nerf attacks, I suppose.

It's the drunk man's Project Runway challenge.

Surely there ought to be more protection in the crotch region.


Pretty cool outfit though I guess...


Sir NeverGetsLaid, I applaud you for upholding your title.

"...surprised he could spelled..."

I wonder if he can grammar?

28 I agree..!
This is an EPIC arts& crafts project! Dude deserves to be layed for this.
OCD Rocks!

omg i want sum of those :B

i think he's such a hottie!
call me ;)

Eh, its been done. A friend of mine and her boyfriend made beertab chainmail for halloween 2 years ago and it was 10 times better. Plus, she looked smokin hot, like one of those chicks in the MMO games. I'll see if she'll let me send GW a photo from the party to post.

I don't want to sound rude, but i do LARPing, and I saw a couple of chain mail made like this, it's actually a lot easier and faster and cheaper than a real chain mail!

But it's still cool :P

funny thing is i saw this a little earlier today on google...don't ask why. but didn't see your comment until tonight

Als = champs. Suck it Esks.

That is amazingly bad ass!!


Hahaahhaha, The Edmonton Eskimos hit Geekoogie, I need to forward this to the sun, this is the kind of story that quality paper wold cover. they'll get a kick out this. Joey Moss too.

@ 37

I call BULLSHIT. First no one admits they LARP. And 2, yes you were rude as hell........just saying.

He gets 0 points for owning an Xbox360 instead of a PS3.

hello. my name is knight neversmiles and I'm an alcoholic.

Enchanted Chainmail of chugging...+10 to beer chugging skill, +5 to Deadly burp of beer breath skill, +4 to Aura of Spillage protection, -15 to Charisma, -100 to sex life.

NIce! Now take it off.....o yeah!

Just because it's impressive doesn't mean it's cool.

Makin Edmonton Proud, If there's one thing us Canadians know its beer!

The only thing this getup is going to shield this guy from is naked women

Guess what's inside the box with the skull ashtray and lighter in front...

Whenever a pic of a pretty girl gets posted, no matter what shes in, ya'll rip her apart with disgusting manish comments. But because this sexi speciment is a dude, you are all on hater mode. lol.....admit he is fine and you want him also. Bet this dude is as sexi as nerds could possibly get.

@52, well…. either its Chocolate Mints, Marijuana and Accessories, or the severed left hand of his ex-girlfriend....

Eskimos suck - RIDERS RULE!!! Woo Rider pride baby!!

All I want to know is if wearing this actually helps him win at Fight Night.

es todo

beer can armor as it should be:

hey everyone thanks for the coments! i made this suit! i don't know how it ended up on here though! i make a new suit every year for halloween and then post it on sherdog, the first year i did a red bull suit, the next year i made a samurai style suit and this year eskimo chainmail..... go to google and search fo red bull armour or new armour 0.2 to see the old suits.

thanks for all the comments guys, i know there's lots of haters calling me a nerd and that i dont get laid etc... or that esks suck.. (at least we can count to 12 ahaha sask) i dont really care, haters will always try and bring u down....

go there for more pics of the esky armour

and to poster #35, I would love to see something ten times better.... now i can understand how someone would make something better, but TEN TIMES BETTER? this is coming from a guy comparing beauty to female characters from MMOs....

Hell Yeah! Hes From Edmonton!
I need to meet this Guy.
Ill Marry Him, I swear I will.
And perhaps Ill make a wedding Dress out of those damn PullTabs.
OH MAN Thats an epic Idea now that I think about it.

Holy crap! This is f-ing awesome!!! I wanna know how many can-tabs he used? An excellent feat indeed!

For those who think it's cheap and not solid, here's a true story that happen to a friend of mine in a LARP while whearing a similar chain mail:

She was running away for something and got pushed down in a 4 foot hole and landed right on a small tree stump... and then a 200 pound guy fall on her while her back was still on the tree stump... that would have killed or paralyse anyone, when the ambulance came, they had to slice the chain in two, she was hurt, but not badly and the ambulanceman told her she wouldn't had survive if it wasn't for the chain mail! True story!

And for those who think larping is gay, it doen't always look like the 'lightning bolt' video..., it's actualy pretty fun and relaxing, you can get out of your daily life and try something new! But eh, there's always some close minded people, and I don't blame them ;P

That's hawt.
I'll take him and the tin of chocolates please.

I'm a rider fan, but I gotta hand it to you. If you used Pilsner tabs and replaced the E's with an S, I would be asking you where I can order one.

hey guys! thanks for all the cool comments! im so surprised at how many websites this arour is on now! I could make you a saskatcewan suit but i doubt you'd wanna shell out the cash as a lot of hours go into making a suit like this.

If u look at the closeups on the other pages u can see some parts of the suit are doubled up! i was gonna do the whole suit doubled up but then all the sizes started shifting.....

altogether i used around 5000 tabs and about 7500 rings..... or more.. the hood is about 1500 rings i think.....

lawl what a champ XD

google search earth eternal. they use the same EE gold & green emblem (furry haters beware, its a furry MMORPG)

Just saw the use of the word "ambulanceman"
Are firefighters: "Fireguys" and police: " badguycatchers"?

You make me shake my head.

Head has been shaken.

heee öcüüü.


That guy needs to be invited to join Ridernation, he'd fit right in!

Not gonna lie, I'm a little bit in love with this guy.

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